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In addition to the U-25 Project and the War & the Power to Live Program, the website also features sports specials, very short specials that are under 5 minutes, kids’ programs for parents and children to enjoy, etc.
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Caterina de Mata/0:03:59/Italy/Animation/2018

People of different ethnic groups crowd a house in the suburbs. At night everyone plays its own music, trying to overcome the other. They will learn that to live together they have to play together.


The perfect equation

Lola Degove/0:02:35/France/Animation/2019

Paul is the 4th of his family. He needs to put on 4 sweaters to get warm enough, to walk on 4 tiles to reach his dining room, to drink in 4 different glasses ... Paul needs the 4. He loves her, and he obsesses her. He will be confronted with 5.



Natasha Bishop/0:03:23/New zealand/Animation/2019

Kindled tells the story of a Flame Sprite and a Wood Sprite. Being made of different elements, the two form a mutualistic and heartwarming relationship. Their friendship is childlike, yet strong enough to overcome the challenges presented by the environment and by themselves, even if it means risking or sacrificing something for each other.


Dragon Recipes

Maria Pavlou/0:07:12/Cyprus/Animation/2019

A young apprentice witch dreams of becoming the most wicked witch around – and of course, a wicked witch needs an evil, fire-breathing dragon. Using an old recipe and magic spells, our inexperienced protagonist will eventually get a special dragon; just not the one she has in mind!



Carlotta Bourdonnais, Thibaud Garrigos, Carla Gharbi, Bastien Hamidi, Linda Neang, Lucas Planchon./0:06:12/France/Animation/2019

Two japanese monkeys fight for an onsen (natural spring water), but after an unexpected disaster they’ll have to help each other to survive.


Master of light

Stefan Vogt/0:01:40/Germany/Comedy/2019

Three friends fight for light. Till one accident happens. Which brings them even more together.


Beep Bop Symphony

Hanna Leungh/0:03:09/United States/Animation/2019

Two good-natured, but selfish, cherubs end up causing catastrophe while competing to be the center of attention.



Alexia Stocky, Maxence Chotard, Alexandre Aroul, Oscar Langevin, Jonathan Lamie, Adrien Corneille./0:06:24/France/Animation/2019

In a cottage deep in the forest, a cat and an owl are competing for the approval of their witch mistress. Less skilled for spellcasting than his rival, the cat steals her magic wand from the witch as she leaves for the woods.


Lala's Bowl

Felicia Willianti/0:04:59/Singapore/Animation/2019

Felix, a little kid who loves his fish, Lala, really wants to make her happy by sharing everything he eats with her, but it only makes the fish bowl murky and Lala’s condition gets worse and worse.



Nicolas Lesaffre/0:10:46/Hong kong/Animation/2019

Wuen, a prairie boy and his horse were inseparable until an unexpected dust storm separated them. One day, Wuen finds out his horse was kidnapped to the metropolis for horse racing. Despite never having left his prairie, Wuen sets off on an adventure to save his beloved horse.


Om Nom Nom...

Haruna Ueno, Minato Matsuda & Tomoko taiga /0:03:17/Japan/Animation/2019

Dino was very hungry. As he roamed the woods, a strange egg fell from the sky, clonkety-clonk. He gobbled it up... And that lead to trouble!


A Low Hum

Scott Otto Anderson/0:04:19/Australia/Sci-Fi/2018

In the search for an ever-greater audience, Influencer Mia’s personal drone documents her every move. Dating another social media celebrity might bring the likes, but it doesn’t bring love. At least not as we know it.



Marion Decoste, Mickaël Nezreg, Manon Ryckelynck, Maiwen Koskas, Jeremie Hannoah, Florian Morelli, Raphael Halle, Aurélie Vanden Borren, Corentin Langou & Remy Martin/0:04:17/France/Animation/2019

Amandine, an inflexible traffic warden, takes perverse pleasure in punishing every little infraction by handing out a fine. An unexpected event suddenly disturbs her daily routine.


Quiet Carriage

Ben S. Hyland/0:05:25/United Kingdom/Comedy/2019

A man must decide whether to intervene and stop a casual commuting rule breaker, or live with a lifetime of regret. A comedy about a passive man with an overactive imagination.



Akifumi Nonaka/0:05:30/Japan/Animation/2019

Shun regrets it. Why does he have to play with four of them? They are not good friends. He hates them. The unpleasant heat and the heavy atmosphere of the shrine gradually darken Shun’s mood.

Corona Short Film Festival 2020 Grand Jury Prize
Special Screening

1 Bottle of Wine

Anne Isensee/0:05:00/Germany/Animation, Experimental/2020

Normally, you would drink a bottle of wine with your friends or family. Assuming you drink at all. But during the Corona confinement, nothing is normal. So a young animator drinks the bottle alone by herself and animates a movie.

Corona Short Film Festival 2020 Audience Award
Special Screening

Quarantine mood

Alessandro Marinelli/0:05:08/Italy/Documentary/2020

Quarantine mood documents real life scenes during the quarantine in Rome, looking for the beauty and poetry of reality. I chose to tell the life I saw during the lockdown from my terrace. My eyes tried to capture all that I saw around me, which in the end was also the reflection of what I had inside.


Shady Side

Miou Hiruma/0:09:59/Japan/Animation/2019

Dwarfs living in a bathroom survive with the supply of water and sebum from "God," the house owner. They spend their days chasing away the mold that scavenges the food supply from them. But, one day, God disappears, and their bathroom universe faces a food crisis.


Galaxy Seminar

Chuke Tani/0:09:25/Japan/Comedy/2018

Far somewhere in the universe, a girl named Chii-ko feels a bit anxious in her extreme galactic society. Following her doctor's recommendation, she started going to self-help seminars and finds herself falling deeper into the allure of the dubious group.


O-maga parade

Shigeyoshi Tsukahara/0:02:40/Japan/Animation/2017

The sky is amber in the west, and the anti-crepuscular rays light the air in the east. Something is coming from far beyond the far end.



Tetsuro Kodama/0:05:30/Japan/Animation/2020

The still, white space expands as far as the eye can see. A man who's lost his memory awakens.


Mouseman ZERO

Ito Pierre/0:18:43/Japan/Animation/2019

Sci-Fi action movie! An ordinary man fights battles as a cyborg hero! Mouseman, the hero, is here to heal the broken hearts. Hard-boiled stories with romance and the psyche of the codependence.


Memory of blue

Yanagida Ryosuke, Hirai Akane & Yamaguchi Mai/0:06:44/Japan/Animation/2018

A girl living in a southern island lost her anklet in the sea one day. It was a mysterious boy from the sea who found the anklet. A lost anklet of a girl unfolds a nostalgic and warm story.


After School Midnighters ShortMovies

Hitoshi Takekiyo/0:06:22/Japan/Comedy/2017

It is one of the short film series derived from "Afterschool Midnighters," which has been shown worldwide in seven countries since 2012. A secret spin-off story of Kunstlijk and Goth, the two who dawdles along on endless spree of "experiments" and "research" at an after school science lab in the dead of night.

Content, perspective and expression in each film are strictly of the filmmakers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and its related parties.