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War and the Power to Live Program
supported by Red Cross


Wars and other situations of violence ruin many people’s lives all over the world, even at this moment. People are losing their loved ones as well as a peaceful state of mind. Regardless of where we live, in conflict or in peace, we share the same values for human dignity; sitting down for a meal, chatting with family and friends and spending time with your lover.

By projecting those struggling with various types of hardships in this program, we would like you to get to know how they live. Then think about what you can do first to help people around you, and what peace brings and means to you. Let's spread a sense of caring, peace and tranquillity to the world! In doing so, we can contribute to the "Power to Live" of all mankind.

Q & A with Directors

Q&A with Taehun Lee, director of "Air Conditioner in PANMUNJEOM"
Q&A with Megumi Ito, director of "Iraqi Anime Sisters"


Abu Eli

Maya Louzon /00:10:00/Israel /Drama /2019

Based on true story. The friendship between Avi, a former drug addict, and Jaber, a Sudanese refugee, is in danger. It is Jabber's last day before being sent to” Holot” Detention Facility, and Avi decides to take matters into his own hands.

mature Mature Content: These films may include sexual and/or violent content.


Jean Marie Antonini/0:20:43/France/Drama/2019

In the midst of the trench warfare, the Corsican soldier Lucien Casalta is called urgently at the back of the lines by a court of the country as a translator. Upon his arrival, he is surprised to see that the young soldier tried for desertion is none other than his compatriot and friend, Joseph...


Air Conditioner in PANMUNJEOM

Taehun LEE/0:24:25/South Korea/Comedy/2018

The South Korean AC repairman who visits Panmunjeom in order to fix the air conditioner, He’s shocked when he realizes the outdoor fan was installed in North Korea…

mature Mature Content: These films may include sexual and/or violent content.


Elsa Duhamel/0:18:00/France/Animation/2019

Jeanne was born in 1959 in Saigon. She enjoyed a privileged lifestyle, protected from the war between North and South Vietnam. Fascinated by horses, Jeanne rode a mare called Bach-Hông. But on April 30th 1975, the communists stormed the city.

mature Mature Content: These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

Daughter of kashmir

kiran Deshmukh/0:05:00/India/Drama/2019

A story about the relation between father and daughter who lives in Kashmir, father, work in a handmade carpet factory, but surrounding made him into convert into militant watching his daughter's struggle for family, he escapes from militant camp and join the family but militant force him to come back to camp.



Sevinaz Evdike/0:09:40/Syrian Arab Republic/Drama/2019

Sara, an eight-year-old girl, lives alone in Raqqa, a city ravaged by war. While society tries to cope with the consequences of extreme violence, she gathers grenades from the rubbles to trade for food and clothing. The exchange of a grenade for a pair of gloves leads to a dramatic situation when the night falls.



Nicolas Kolovos/0:11:00/Sweden/Drama/2019

Dana is on the run with his family. The boat that will smuggle them to Europe is ready for departure but his son, Alan, refuses to leave the truck. Dana discovers that Alan is stuck with his index finger in the truck body. In his desperation Dana is faced with a terrible choice.


Iraqi Anime Sisters

Megumi Ito/0:10:02/Japan/Documentary/2019

The sisters who were born and raised in Iraq love Japanese animation. They especially like “SLUM DANK” and “HUNTER×HUNTER”, and are big fans of them. The war experience was relevant to why they like animation.


Song Sparrow

Farzaneh Omidvarnia/0:11:43/Denmark/Animation/2019

A Group of refugees tries to reach themselves to a safe country in search for a better life. They pay a smuggler to convey them across the boarders in a fridge truck. However, the freezing temperature of the truck turns their hopes for a better future into a fierce struggle for survival.

mature Mature Content: These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

Under Darkness

Caroline Friend/0:20:19/USA/Drama/2019

Based on a true story in World War II Poland, a young Jewish woman struggles to survive after her family is murdered. Refusing to give up, she joins the Soviet resistance, and realizes that through photography she can remember the past while documenting for the future.

Grand Prix Winner - Cannes Lions 2018



Video Award Winner for Sports -Webby Awards 2020



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