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Cinematic Tokyo Program

Tokyo Tokyo

Founded in 2017, the "Cinematic Tokyo” program showcases short films introducing the various charms of Tokyo.

The films in this program will be screened at Shibuya Stream TORQUE SPICE & HERB, TABLE & COURT. There are no advanced reservations for tickets to screenings at the “TORQUE” venue. Tickets for screenings at TORQUE will be issued on the day of the screening at the venue on a 1st come, 1st served basis starting at 19:10.


Bébé Tambour The One and Only

Didier Chanot/0:04:23/France/Music Video/2019

The video for The One and Only is a declaration of love for the culture of skateboarding. A forties goes on vacation in Tokyo and does not take his skateboard with him. The latter will take revenge for having been "abandoned".


In the Still Night

Jean-Baptiste Braud/0:16:04/Japan / France/Drama/2019

Heartbroken, Matthew, an American art curator, wanders daydreaming through a maze of artworks in his hotel in Tokyo. That is, until he has a surreal encounter.


Saya Okuma: A Dance Documentary

Meg Igarashi/0:02:50/Japan/Documentary/2019

A documentary film about a young Japanese dancer following her dreams in Tokyo and talking about how she became a professional dancer.


Goodbye Taka

Jason Guerrero/0:11:26/USA/Drama/2019

After an unexpected crisis, a woman phones her friends for solace while wandering the streets of tokyo, only to find that all the solace she needs is within herself.



Simon Pera/0:05:29/Argentina/Documentary/2019

Trains, escalators, elevators. Tokyo is a city of movement, and its modernity moves to the sound of Koto music.



Charles Richardson/0:13:12/Australia/Drama/2017

Set against the backdrop of the foreign world of Tokyo, two young lovers are separated when one accidentally boards the last train without the other. With a dead phone battery, and unaired tension, Lucas and Lindsay's relationship is tested as they learn that communication is the only thing that can bring them back together.


Beautiful city Tokyo

Masayoshi Kawaura/0:07:36/Japan/Video Art/2020

My name is Hari from Indonesia. I'm a film creator. I found something in Tokyo. It was filming.

Special Screening

This is Tokyo

Ben Suzuki /0:16:15/Japan/Drama/2020

Kento is selected by a team to promote a partnership with a Singapore company. One day, he is left with a job to attend President Kwang who comes to Japan. He is confused by her cold attitude. As two of them see the sights in Tokyo, they find a small change in their hearts to each other.

Content, perspective and expression in each film are strictly of the filmmakers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and its related parties.