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U-25 Project

Established in 2019. In order to support young filmmakers in Japan, we called for short films of less than 5 minutes, produced by directors under 25 years old.
The films in this program will be screened for 5 days at Shibuya Stream TORQUE SPICE & HERB, TABLE & COURT. Please refer to the individual film page for screening dates for each film. This program will be only in Japanese.
There are no advanced reservations for tickets to screenings at the “TORQUE” venue. Tickets for screenings at TORQUE will be issued on the day of the screening at the venue on a 1st come, 1st served basis starting at 19:10.


Luna Terasaka/0:05:00/Japan/Music Video/2019

This film expresses human life and gloomy feelings by using a drifting black spirit. Finally, the spirit will be fitting inside "me"…In the end, people pick up the things that they think will make them happy. And tend to live surrounded by them to make themselves comfortable. This is human.


Be on Time

Haruto Futamara/0:04:59/Japan/Drama/2019

Mamoru meets with his grandfather at the lottery venue to win the first prize, a pair of space travel tickets. But Mamoru oversleeps and gets late. His grandfather is angry at Mamoru and blows gas from inside his body. Then the Antarctic glaciers start melting...



Shoan Yo/0:03:18/Japan/Animation/2020

His feeling was turned from sadness to gratitude just before her died. He accepted her everything.



Tsukasa Urahama/0:05:00/Japan/Thriller/2020

Two years ago, a man who lost his wife and two-year-old son in a traffic accident. One day, a female household Android from the man's robot production company comes home for a product test. The 30-day TEST of the man and female Android begins.


Kimino hanashiga kikitaiyo.

Nami Kakei/0:04:50/Japan/Music Video/2019

A story about a singer-songwriter who works many part-time jobs to devote to her dream, and a hot-dog-bun girl. The theme of "Life = Musical" to pursue kawaii. It’s a film that is pop, colorful and makes your mind and body want to dance.



Chengzi Lu/0:04:06/China/Drama/2019

The moon is waxing, but the heart is waning. This film uses "noise" as a metaphor for "various voices from society." It expresses the theme of "small comment", which can be stressful to others and break their hearts.


Food music video

Kaito Ogawara/0:03:12/Japan/Music Video/2020

Where are the fish and vegetables we eat coming from? From harvest to table, the process is expressed by music and video. He hopes after watching this film makes you want to eat that food!


Sound of Cicada, Touch the Wind

Sorao Sakimura/0:03:00/Japan/Animation/2019

Ditch the class and lie down on the stairs. However you try to escape from your restrained everyday life, the reality always comes back on time. From his own experience, he vividly portrays the daily life of high school students that the path everyone goes through.


Okaeri Taro

Shuji Ikeda/0:04:50/Japan/Comedy/2020

One day, when a grandmother is cleaning the entrance, her eyes are fixed on a young man who is passing by. The grandma mistakes the stranger for her son.


I am beautiful

Jasmin Lee/0:04:59/Japan/Animation/2020

We all tend to see things the way we want, even if it is just an illusion. It helps us to stay happy in life.



Shione Hirano/0:04:14/Japan/Fantasy/2019

A cute little girl in a spooky room at midnight. Take a look at the little story of a mysterious girl.



Tomu Yamaguchi/0:04:59/Japan/Drama/2019

I thought this day would last forever. Planned and produced under the theme of "TOMORROW TODAY" at the competition " FABULOUS FIVE " at ADFEST2019, the largest advertising festival in Asia.


Turtle's Stroll

Minori Matsuoka/0:02:40/Japan/Animation/2020

One day, a pet turtle named Kamesuke decided to go out alone.

Content, perspective and expression in each film are strictly of the filmmakers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and its related parties.