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TYO Student Movie Award

We are going to have a special screening for two award-winning films from the 2nd TYO Student Movie Award, organized by TYO Inc.



In the 2nd TYO Student Movie Award, held to discover and nurture the next generation of talents, we will be screening "Bear's eyes", which won the Gold Award, and "To My Dream", which won the Silver Award. The TYO Student Movie Award is a movie award aimed at students and held by TYO Inc., a company that has a proven track record and expertise in the production of a wide variety of video contents, such as TV commercials and online videos, and has produced many commercial and film directors. Tetsuya Bessho participated as a special judge in judging the 60-second short films created freely by students with “searching” as the theme.

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The 2nd TYO Student Movie Award / Gold Winner

Bear's eyes

Japan / 1:00 / Horror / 2019

Shiori Fujisaki

Director : Shiori Fujisaki

A student from the graduate school of Kyoto Institute of Technology. An architecture major in undergraduate school and started film-making since graduate school. Into dancing.


When we lose something important, our daily routines are all upset, and we lose ourselves. We can't even judge matters in front of us by our memories. The struggles of people depicted with a unique world view accelerate anxiety, and later comes fear.

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The 2nd TYO Student Movie Award / Silver Winner

To My Dream

Japan / 1:00 / Drama / 2019

Nobuyuki Yamatsu

Director : Nobuyuki Yamatsu

Born in Osaka in 2000. Now studying at the the College of Image Arts and Sciences in Ritsumeikan University. Started self-learning about film creations since junior high school. Aiming to become a creator with positive influences on people's life.


A young man fell in love with a lady passed by at first sight. He tried hard to search for her, but the lady was in nowhere to be found. It portrays the struggles of young people's "future dreams"- full of hesitations, confusions, and obstacles.
“Heroine Wa Kimi De” (2018)
Best Work Award in the Music Video Program of the High School Eiga Worldcup 2018
Nominated in the Student Film Program of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018
Nominated in Tachikawa Meigazadori Cinema Festival 2018
“Wagahai Wa Semi Ya!!”(2017)
Nominated in the Liberal Program of the High School Eiga Worldcup 2017
“Gendai De Aruku Osaka No Jin”(2016)
Nominated for the Humor Award in the Regional Program of the High School Eiga Worldcup 2017