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The 5th Hikari TV Award is "tapioca diary"

2020/09/18 News

“tapioca diary” won the 5th Hikari TV Award which is awarded to one of the Japan Competition  nominees, whose work has originality and possibility.

SSFF & ASIA has founded Japan competition since 2003 and has been introducing many talented Japanese filmmakers.

Hikari TV   and SSFF & ASIA has been working in collaboration with this Hikari TV award and giving awards to Japanese filmmakers who has originality and possibility

The 5th Hikari TV Award, this year, has been decided as “tapioca diary” , which is staged in Kohshiung in Taiwan with Japanese and Taiwawnese casts.

The director Takashi Okado also plays a main role.

“tapioca diary” is now stremed online at URL:

*streaming available only in Japan

【The 5th Hikari TV Award winner

tapioca diary
Taashi Okado & Jon Cox/0:19:19/Taiwan/Japan/Drama/2019

Takashi, who studies abroad in Taiwan, finds every day is full of fun in friendship and love that he can’t find in Japan. However, he feels the difficulty of conveying his feelings frankly while the time goes by.

Directors : Takashi Okado & Jon Cox

Takashi was born in Nara Prefecture. He is active in TV, movies, and commercials. In recent years, he has also been a cameraman and a director. Jon was born in Sout Korea. He has been working with Takashi for his last two titles as a cinematographer and a script writer.