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2020/09/29 会場レポート

A talk event exploring new trends in the creative visual industry with a new generation of creators.
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World-wide online streaming has started from 09/28/2020 at 8:00pm (JST)

NAOMI KAWASE (Film director) × DAIKI TSUNETA (King Gnu / millennium parade)
MC: TETSUYA BESSHO (Festival president, SSFF & ASIA)
A discussion about the future of creativity in the age of the Coronavirus with international creators

The 22nd edition of the SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL & ASIA 2020 (SSFF & Asia), Academy Awards© accredited & Asia’s biggest international short film festival was postponed until Wednesday, 09/16 thru Sunday 09/27 due to the Coronavirus. At the Awards Ceremony, the best short film Grand Prix, the George Lucas Award, was announced.

As the final event of the festival, the Creators’ Junction partnered with Xperia, to explore upcoming trends in the creative visual industry with the new generation of creators has started its worldwide screening on YouTube at 8:00pm (JST).

The event was held in collaboration with Sony & Sony Mobile Inc.

Acclaimed director Naomi Kawase for films like “Moe no Suzaku” & “ Sweet Bean,” artist & musician Daiki Tsuneta of King Gnu & millennium parade,” along with moderator & festival president Tetsuya Bessho discussed the current state & the future of visual creators.

Daiki Tsuneta that he was affected by Miles Davis’ improvisational music for the soundtrack to Louis Malles’s “Elevator to the Gallows.” Using that as an example of the close relationship that music & visual images have on each other. He said that he felt a real romance in the music. Director Naomi Kawase told Daiki that she would seriously like to have Daiki make the music for her film.

In the talk session, we connected online with former SSFF & Asia selected director Pedro Collantes from Spain & with Shūji Ikeda from his home in Kumamoto, Kyushu. Veteran director Kawase advised the directors to make films that are true to their own creative vision, to never doubt their own passion & that it’s OK to go “outside the box” while making their own films.

While talking about the effects of the Coronavirus on the creative process, Daiki Tsuneta stated that he was reminded of the chemistry that musicians experience when making music. Director Kawase, as Executive Director of the Nara International Film Festival reflected that she implemented various methods like online screenings & creative ways to communicate but ultimately she desired direct contact with people.

Tetsuya Bessho looked to the future saying that he felt people use their skills to find ways to create within their limited spaces in this age of the Corana virus & that is the true meaning of creativity. When the talk turned to new projects for SSFF & ASIA 2021, the Smart Phone Film Competition supported by Sony, they discussed the enjoyment from not just watching but also shooting & editing on smart phones.

Director Kawase said that she has great expectations as she realized the possibilities from short films shot by smart phones & the ability for anyone to make good films & have it watched all over the world.

In the opening talk Takaki Nakadai of the Brand……………Dept. at Sony made an appearance saying that SSFF & ASIA is a barometer for filmmakers aiming to become professionals. We felt that supporting the festival leads to direct support of the filmmakers in explaining Sony’s participation in the festival as sponsor of the official competitions. Looking forward, the prospects for the future in the continuing development of technology by Sony & together with creators, to bring joy to the world is our aim.

In looking back at the festival this year with director Kawase & Testuya Bessho, he said that after watching the very high quality shorts made by the filmmakers in the Official Competition supported by Sony, they should see the possibilities for the future & continue to make many, many films.


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・Schedule:Streaming starts on Mon, September 28th at 8:00pm (JST)

・Panelists: Film director / Photographer Naomi Kawase, Artist / Musician Taiki Tsuneta (King Gnu/millennium parade), SSFF & ASIA President Tetsuya Beshho(MC)

・Languages:Japanese / English

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