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*Except for some events.


2015 TOPTicket Information

Ticket Information

All Screenings and Events in Tokyo and Yokohama are Free Admission, with the exception of a few selected events. Advance Reservations for both Paid Admission and Free Admission Screenings and Events can be made as of 13:00 on 27 April (Mon) via the official festival website. Be sure to reserve your tickets early!

Admission to free programs

Advance Reservation

You can reserve tickets through the official festival website (

*Please note that account holders can reserve a maximum of two tickets per program, but may make reservations for as many different programs as desired without limitation.

YES: June 4th, two I-A Program tickets and two I-B Program tickets
NO: June 4th, four I-A Program tickets

*Advance reservations will be open until the day before the screening at 23:59, unless the advance reservations hit full capacity in which case they will be closed earlier.
*You will need to exchange your Peatix reservation receipt for a numbered admission tickets at the counter on the day of screening, no later than five minutes before the screening starts. We’ll start the exchange for the numbered admission tickets at each venue on the day of the screening, from 20 minutes before the first program of the day opens. IF you do not exchange for your numbered admission tickets at least five minutes before your selected screening starts, your reservation will be cancelled. You will not be admitted without a numbered admission ticket.

Ticket Reservation


Reserving tickets on the day of screening

There will be a limited number of day-of-screening tickets available.

We’ll start distributing numbered admission tickets at each venue on the day of the screening, from 20 minutes before the first screening of the day opens. They will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

*For day-of-screening tickets, one person can receive a maximum of one numbered admission tickets per program.
*We highly recommend reserving tickets in advance as you may not be able to obtain day-of-screening admission tickets.
*Please note that we’ll stop distributing tickets when the screening hits full capacity.

Paid Events & Passport

Paid Events

Please refer to Page 2 for details of the events and the ticket price.
For online booking details, please refer to the official festival website: (

*Please be sure to check the cancellation policy when purchasing tickets/passports as there is a cancellation fee in place.

Buy a Ticket


Special Passport

Special Passport : 4,000 yen (with limited festival goods) Valid for all programs but not paid events.
(no need for advance reservation or numbered admission tickets for entrance to programs when using this unlimited passport).
*not valid for Andaz Tokyo Andaz Studio, SHIDAX Culture Hall and Brilla Short Shorts Theater.

Special Passport


Important Information