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2015 TOP Program Short Story NAGOYA

Short Story NAGOYA

Depict and reflect the city - 3 short stories made in and about Nagoya, arrive in Harajuku once again this year!

To discover and nurture the new creative talents in the world of cinema, and to promote the unknown attractions of Nagoya throughout Japan, up-and-coming filmmakers have made short films set in Nagoya. This year we will screen three high quality shorts – in their first public screening – once again, so please be sure to come along and enjoy!

SPACE O / 6/5 fri 15:40-17:30 Ticket reservations Access

A Walk in August
Naonori Fukazawa/Japan/19:00/Drama/2014
Takahiro Ijima turns 60 this year. Since retiring, he spends his days with his wife, though he feels out of place in their life together. One day, while taking a walk, he meets two boys.

Takeshi Kakinuma (Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, Dept. of Visual Media) /Japan/19:00/Drama/2014
Every week, I go to the planetarium in Nagoya City. One winter night, I met a crow and started listening to him. Since that night, my destiny has taken off in curious directions.

Laugh and get fat.
Mai Sakai (Kyoto University of Art & Design, Dept. of Film Production) /Japan/30:00/Drama/2014
Single! Lame job! Arimi is tired of her mundane life. "Let's make her laugh." Arimi arrives at the shut down Oosu Entertainment Hall…Yes, THE COMEDY of Nagoya is here in Oosu!

SPACE O / 6/5 fri 15:40-17:30 Ticket reservations Access