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Program Competition


International Program Official Competition

A program that screens short films from every corner of the world, with the exception of Asia and Japan.

Asia International & Japan

Asia International & Japan Program Official Competition

A program that presents short films from throughout Asia including Japan.

Save the Earth!

Save the Earth! ProgramSave the Earth! Program

This competition was launched with the Ministry of the Environment (Japan) in 2008. It gathers a wide variety of films that approach environmental issues and offer enlightening ideas about protecting the environment through the medium of film.

Music Shorts

Music Shorts ProgramMusic Shorts Program

The Music Shorts Competition, established in 2009, presents a fun program showing the fusion of music and video. It introduces short films that have a story much like a normal film, but with the added pleasure of music.

About Music Shorts Competition


CG Animation ProgramCG Animation Program

The CG program, which began screening in 2011, offers the audience a chance to enjoy fully computer generated animation shorts. These top quality films are fun for adults as well as children!

About CG Animation Competition

Special Programs

Special Programs

Special ProgramsSpecial Programs

SSFF & ASIA screens special programs in addition to competitions, centering on individual countries and themes. Enjoy programs from specific countries and overseas film festivals full of films that are not to be missed.

Events and Seminars

Events and Seminars

Events and SeminarsEvents and Seminars


There will be many events with prominent guests in attendance. At this film festival jam-packed with screenings and talk events you don’t just have the chance to watch films, but are welcomed one step closer to the world of short film.

Admission Free

There are numerous events full of interesting content that you would never guess to be free. Please be sure to come along and enjoy these various events.