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2015 TOPProgram Jurors / AwardsSave the Earth! Competition

Other Awards

Audience Award

International Competition Audience Award

Catching Fireflies

Winner: Lee Whittaker

Catching Fireflies

Lee Whittaker/USA/19:58/Fantasy/2014

A little Latina girl attempts to escape the rigors and misfortunes of living on Skid Row Los Angeles through the power of her mystical imagination, while simultaneously trying to protect the bond with her addict mother.

Winner's Comment
It is such an honor to receive the international audience award and continue to share our social awareness film CATCHING FIREFLIES about homelessness and spread the message. When traveling to different cultures you never know if your story will translate. For the Japanese audience to embrace our film and connect with the message is the best feeling for me as a story teller. I am forever grateful and honored and hope that we can all "be the difference."

ASIA International Competition Audience Award


Winner: Mailesan Rangaswamy


Mailesan Rangaswamy/India/21:10/Drama/2014

While staring at the horizon, two boys share their dreams: one wants to be a businessman while the other hopes to travel the world. Risking his job as a shoeshiner on the streets of Mumbai, one of the boys makes a great sacrifice to help his friend’s dream come true.

Winner's Comment
Thank you so much for this honour. I am very happy and grateful for this award. It was an immense pleasure to be part of such a great film festival. I thank the festival committee for making it possible for me to experience it first hand in your beautiful country. I have had the opportunity to watch a lot of great films from all around the world and meet interesting people in the process. The Short Shorts Film Festival has been a truly wonderful and humbling experience on the whole. I wish to be back again with an even better film. Thank you again for this great honour.

JAPAN Competition Audience Award

Gotham Jumble Parfait

Winner: Yuki Saito

Gotham Jumble Parfait

Yuki Saito/Japan/15:01/Drama/2015

A Yakuza-like man splattered with blood sits face-to-face with a younger man dripping with cream soda. A gun on the table and a dead body on the floor. There's also an older waitress and a black customer. Confusion mounts as the man orders four parfaits.

Winner's Comment
Winning the Audience Award has special significance for me as I am an entertainment-oriented individual and my biggest motivation to create films is to thrill and excite audiences. This is the fourth time my work has been in a SSFF competition and I profess that it is my fourth Audience Award. I am truly happy to have achieved my goal and thank everyone who watched "Gotham Jumble Parfait." However, I do have some regret at missing out on the Grand Prix. Next time I'd like to aim for a double win!!

Best Actor / Best Actress Award

International Competition Best Actor Award

All The Pain In The World

Winner: Peter Faulkner

All The Pain In The World

Tommaso Pitta/UK/12:30/Comedy/2014

A man, alone on Christmas, stops in a pet store to let the owners know that one of their fish is choking between the glass and a plant. The ill-fated fish is choking to death. Does nobody care?! As the man insists, the situation slowly spirals out of control...

Winner's Comment
Hello. It’s Peter Faulkner here from “All the Pain in the World.” And I’m feeling all the delight in the world.
I’m very honored that you’ve awarded me the best actor award – it’s great, thank you so much.

I’d like to really thank from the bottom of my heart the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, and I’d like to thank my fellow actors if I may, Cornelius Clark and Philippa George, and all the crew and the production team. It was a true pleasure to work on the film. And obviously a big thank you to Tommaso Pitta for directing us with such grace and style, and for providing the brilliant script. It was great, great fun to work on. So, that’s it, as you can see the animals are all well, the fish wasn’t harmed in the making of the film. And all that remains for me is to send you warmest regards and thank you. All the best.


International Competition Best Actress Award

The Salt of the Earth

Winner: Nelli Tsay

The Salt of the Earth

Jonathan Desoindre/France/18:00/Fiction/2014

Vincent and Diane, thirty-something Parisians, have decided to get married. Vincent brings his fiancée back to his hometown but his family shows some hostility. The situation escalates when, at a hunting game, Diane is accidentally wounded...

Winner's Comment
I am totally in shock! This is very beautiful news... Thank you very much for this appreciation. It is a very important moment for me. As soon we are calming down and being connected to our own truth and we are surrounding to everything that is around us we have that kind of present! It was one the most beautiful shooting of my life. Jonathan is a very special director it was a true pleasure working with him! Thank you very much!

ASIA International Competition Best Actor Award

Cloud & Mud

Winner: Yu Wang

Cloud & Mud

A Cheng Dong/China/14:47/Drama/2014

A murderer in rags comes to town. Overtaken by hunger he stands paralyzed in front of a steamed bun shop where the owner is preparing delicious warm buns. What happens next alters the course of both their lives.

Winner's Comment
When the director called to tell me that I won the Best Actor Award, I was in Shanghai to participate in Shanghai International Film Festival. Hastily hung up the phone, sitting in the chair, I just felt my lips trembling.
This is the highest honor for an actor. I repeated deep breathing for several times to calm down myself. And after that I called the director again to confirm this good news, then share it with all my friends! What a day!
I want to thank Japanese audience. Although we have never met ,we communicated emotionally in every image of the film. How eagerly I wish this film can touch your heart!
Thanks SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL for giving me this award. Most importantly, I want to thank Mr.Dong A Cheng,the director of this film, I appreciate for your trust.
I also want to thank all the staff behind the scenes of Cloud & Mud. You made this happen.
Thanks again, dear Japanese audiences who love this film. Please let an ordinary actor from China say thank you to you.

ASIA International Competition Best Actress Award

The Palace On The Sea

Winner: Wu Ke-xi

The Palace On The Sea

Midi Zhao/Taiwan/15:30/Drama/2014

A boat is anchored in the harbor. A ghost of a woman who came from afar has been lingering nearby, searching for the way home.

Winner's Comment
This is the first acting award I have received after more than ten years of performance. I didn’t think about whether I would be given an award or not during SSFF, because every time I watched myself on the big screen , I would always find numerous flaws in my performance. My heart would skip a beat and I would think to myself, "I wish I could do that take just one more time!".

My sincere thanks to all the juries for giving me this award which is a huge encouragement. I believe that when I perform, my personality, as well as my enthusiasm and persistence as an actress is channeled into the character I play and can be seen by the audience.

I also want to thank my family for giving me unlimited freedom to do whatever I want, my agency, Kaohsiung City Government ,the whole “The Palace On The Sea” crew, Wang Shin-Hong, Fan Sheng-Xiang, Jacky, Peter Chen, Chou Cheng, Morgan, Sheng-Wen, Yon Chaw and director MIDI Z, who believed in me.

I will keep working hard, keep discovering more about myself and the world, and share all of it with the audience.

JAPAN Competition Best Actor Award

A Warm Spell

Winner: Shinnosuke Fukushima

A Warm Spell

Toshimichi Saito/Japan/25:00/Drama/2014

Nao gave up his dream of painting to take over the family-run post office. His older brother, Masanobu, left home to become a doctor. When their mother's funeral brings the two brothers together again, they are forced to confront their old conflicts and resentments.

Winner's Comment
It is a great honour to win this special award at such a wonderful film festival. I would like to thank the wonderful staff, cast and especially the director, who brought out the best in my performance. This award is for everyone who was involved in "A Warn Spell." I sincerely hope that this is an opportunity for the film to reach out and speak to even more audiences. Thank you.

JAPAN Competition Best Actress Award


Winner: Minori Ichiyanagi


Daishi Kato/Japan/24:47/Drama/2014

Because of his stutter, Satoru is the constant victim of bullying. His classmate Eri is sympathetic, but turns a blind eye in order to fit in with her friends. As the teasing gets worse, Eri decides to make a housecall, but her visit to Satoru's doesn't turn out as planned...

Winner's Comment
I'm so honored to receive this award. The character Eri is a girl who lives with repressing true her. Acting such a girl was kind of challenging to me.

Eri and I are the same age, and it helps me to understand her. I could imagine her thoughts and feel from the plot. More than anything else, thanks to Mr. Kato, the director, respect what I think of Eri, I could play her very freely with fun. It is glad if I could play many characters in good harmony with myself in the future.

FASHION Short Award

Hollywood Portfolio

Winner: Jason Bell

Hollywood Portfolio

Jason Bell/UK/6:57/Drama/2015

The British invasion of Hollywood is upon us! Fashioned like a World War II-era newsreel, complete with barking narrator and vintage footage, this is a film in three parts. See the Brits preparing for war, going off to America to infiltrate the film industry, and, finally, assuring victory. This is the first time that Vanity Fair has created a short film specially for the Hollywood Portfolio.

Winner's Comment
Thank you so much for this award. It is a great honour and inspires me to keep making more films. Sometimes praise from your contemporaries is the most encouraging thing. Thank you again.

Visual Tourism Award
(Commissioner's Award, Japan Tourism Agency)

Another Kyoto

Winner: Yusuke Tabuki

Another Kyoto

Yusuke Tabuki/Kyoto/12:01/Drama/2014

Depicting the attractions of Kyoto from different views around the ancient city, three aspects of Kyoto are introduced with musical accompaniment by Taro Hakase. These are "Kyoto of Tea," a tea plantation area in the south, "Kyoto of Forest," mountain landscapes towards the center, and "Kyoto of Sea," beautiful ocean views such as Amanohashidate.

Visual Tourism Award Special Mention Award

My Soul Travel for the Future in Nanto

Winner: Hayashi Hiroki

My Soul Travel for the Future in Nanto

Hayashi Hiroki/Nanto-shi, Toyama/7:26/Drama/2014

Failed photojournalist Kaori travels to Nanto to find herself. Whilst there she meets her old friend Yui, who has moved to Nanto from the city. As Yui shows her around this place where time moves slowly, Kaori realizes something…

Ibaraki Short Film Award

Let' s go home !
Takuya Matsumoto

Winner: Takuya Matsumoto

Let' s go home !

Takuya Matsumoto/Japan/25:00/Drama/2014

The lead rapper of a hip hop group has quit, leaving the other members behind. He has decided he will propose to his girlfriend Mai, and go back to his home town together with her. The two return so that Mai can meet his mother, but...


FutureCity Yokohama Award

アーティスト 110
受賞監督:Oh Seo-ro
受賞監督:Oh Seo-ro

Winner: Oh Seo-ro


Oh Seo-ro/South Korea/16:00/Animation/2014

An old labor robot in a city factory within a gigantic dome causes an accident and discovers drawing tools. With the tools, the robot begins to draw everywhere it goes. A lazy guard who takes care of and watches over the dome gets to see the robot’s drawings.







Spotlight Award


Winner: Tekken



A roller coaster flip book.


Book Shorts Award

Winner: Yuki Shion

H A N AYuki Shion (HANA: Ryunosuke Akutagawa)

Special Mention Award


The collaboration between the American hard rock band KISS and the Japanese girl idol group MOMOIRO CLOVER Z was realized with the ukiyo-e themed song “YUMENO UKIYONI SAITEMINA.” Coincidentally, the four members of KISS, known for being big fans of Japan and the ukiyo-e form, have each had ukiyo-ewoodblock print portraits created of themselves.



Winner's Comment