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2015 TOP Program Focus on UK Hollywood Portfolio

Focus on UK


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A total of 44 actors and actresses representing the U.K. have gathered!
Hollywood Portfolio
Hollywood Portfolio
Jason Bell/UK/6:57/Drama/2015
The British invasion of Hollywood is upon us! Fashioned like a World War II-era newsreel, complete with barking narrator and vintage footage, this is a film in three parts. See the Brits preparing for war, going off to America to infiltrate the film industry, and, finally, assuring victory. This is the first time that Vanity Fair has created a short film specially for the Hollywood Portfolio.

Director : Jason Bell
Jason Bell was born in London, receiving his first camera at the age of five. After attending Oxford University, he began a career as a portrait photographer, his work appearing in top publications including Vogue and Vanity Fair. The Recipient of numerous awards, he has also shot film posters and published four books.