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2015 TOP Program The 4th Visual Tourism Award x Tabi Motion Japon Special Event

The 4th Visual Tourism Award x Tabi
Motion Japon Special Event

TOURISM A iTSCOM / June 12 / 11:20-13:10 Ticket reservations Access
TOURISM B iTSCOM / June 13 / 13:30-15:20 Ticket reservations Access

This year 562 promotional tourism videos were gathered from throughout Japan. Furthermore, a tie-up event with the comprehensive travel information site Tabimoja has been established at the film festival.

Message from the Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency

Shigeto Kubo, Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency

We are extremely delighted that SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL & ASIA will be held again this year.
Last year, Japan welcomed an annual total of more than 13 million foreign tourists, a figure which substantially exceeded the 10 million visitors we received in the previous year.
In light of this, the Japanese government is now promoting various initiatives to achieve an annual target of 20 million visitors by the year 2020, when the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo.
We believe that it is extremely important to spread awareness of the many attractive tourist areas which that can be found in every part of our country, and are expecting promotion through "the power of images" to play a large role in this. Short films that have high communicative value and strong appeal are an extremely effective way to convey a concentrated digest of Japan's many points of interest to large numbers of people.
As part of its support for the spreading of information about nationwide points of interest, the Japan Tourism Agency has established Visual Tourism Award, the Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award, for presentation during SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL & ASIA.

I hear that many creative productions from all over the country have been entered for the award this year. exceeding last year's number of entries. We hope that these films will arouse interest in Japan in people all around the world, and encourage them to travel to our country.

In conclusion, I would like express my gratitude to everyone involved in SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL & ASIA 2015 for all their many efforts, and I sincerely hope that the festival will enjoy continued development and every success.

Shigeto Kubo, Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency
Shigeto Kubo, Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency



An awards ceremony will be held for the Visual Tourism Award, which celebrates promotional videos filmed in regions throughout Japan. The winner of the award (Commissioner's Award, the Japan Tourism Agency), chosen from amongst the 562 submissions received this year and representing the very best of these works, will be announced here.
The winning work will be screened as part of the event! Special guests are also scheduled for attendance.




The nine works in the final line up for the 4th Visual Tourism Award (Commissioner's Award, the Japan Tourism Agency) will be screened, the award winner included. Furthermore, mascot character Kumamon’s latest short film will also receive its Tokyo premiere.

There will be many local mascot characters in attendance, so please be sure to come along and enjoy this event with your children!



Screening Lineup (in order of the Japanese alphabet)

"KAGOSHIMA Energetic Japan" (Kagoshima Prefecture)
"Walk together with Koshu,Japan" (Yamanashi Prefecture)
"vs TOKYO" (Tokushima Prefecture)
"My Soul Travel for the Future in Nanto" (Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture)
"ARIEN OF ARAIKE [W・R・S・B]" (Saga City, Saga Prefecture)
"Nara Tourism PR Movie<Winter>" (Nara City, Nara Prefecture)
"Another Kyoto" (Kyoto Prefecture)
"YANAGAWA STORY" (Yanagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
"WORLD ORDER "THIS IS LIFE"JATA" (Ishikawa Prefecture)


Time and Date: June 12 FRI / 11:20 - 13:10
Venue: iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL Futakotamagawa rise

Local mascots in appearance (in order of the Japanese alphabet):
Kumamon (Kumamoto Prefecture), Greboo (Kagoshima Prefecture), Siciliannachan (Saga City, Saga Prefecture), Sudachikun (Tokushima Prefecture), Mayumaro (Kyoto Prefecture), Linimane (Nara Prefecture)
Time and Date: June 13 SAT / 13:30 - 15:20
Venue: iTSCOM STUDIO & HALL Futakotamagawa rise

*This event is in Japanese only.