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2015 TOP Program The 4th Visual Tourism Award x Tabi Motion Japon Special Event B

The 4th Visual Tourism Award x Tabi
Motion Japon Special Event B

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Another Kyoto
Yusuke Tabuki/Kyoto/12:01/Drama/2014
Depicting the attractions of Kyoto from different views around the ancient city, three aspects of Kyoto are introduced with musical accompaniment by Taro Hakase. These are "Kyoto of Tea," a tea plantation area in the south, "Kyoto of Forest," mountain landscapes towards the center, and "Kyoto of Sea," beautiful ocean views such as Amanohashidate.

My Soul Travel for the Future in Nanto
Hayashi Hiroki/Nanto-shi, Toyama/7:26/Drama/2014
Failed photojournalist Kaori travels to Nanto to find herself. Whilst there she meets her old friend Yui, who has moved to Nanto from the city. As Yui shows her around this place where time moves slowly, Kaori realizes something…

KAGOSHIMA Energetic Japan
Yuki Eikawa/Kagoshima/2:01/Documantary/2014
Kagoshima is full of attractions, be it the nature, the food, the history or the hot springs. This is a two-minute "best of the best" short film, introducing Kagoshima via a beautiful 4k movie.

Kei Chikaura/Ishikawa/2:09/CM/2014
This is a music video produced by Japan Association of Travel Agents to celebrate the good qualities of Japan. The Japanese band WORLD ORDER goes to Ishikawa Prefecture. After being welcomed by mascot character "Hyakumansan," they set off to explore numerous sightseeing spots, enjoying art, hot springs and beautiful Japanese gardens.

Masato Mitsudera/Saga-shi, Saga/2:27/Drama/2015
The bone of a mysterious alien creature is discovered in Ariake Sea. After a scientist says, "Everything will be eaten," the whole Japanese island goes into panic. Focusing on this unique creature from Ariake Sea known as Warasubo (Odontamblyopus lacepedii), the value of the ecosystems of mudflats is controversially demonstrated.

Walk together with Koshu, Japan
Fumio Takanezawa/Yamanashi/2:30/Documantary/2015
Indenya has been loved by Koshu locals since it was founded in 1582, developing as part of the history of Koshu as a whole. Showing heartfelt gratitude to all the local residents, this short film was made in order to introduce the attractiveness of Koshu to the world.

Nara Tourism PR Movie<Winter>
Naomi Kawase/Nara/6:45/Documentary/2013
Setting fire to Mount Wakakusa is one of the biggest events in Nara and heralds the start of spring. Nara is an ancient city where traditional ceremonies have endured. Deer, considered messengers of God, stroll around the city freely. It is alive with the spirit of people from throughout its history.

Hisatoshi Ishi/Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka/9:18/Drama/2014
A few decades ago it seemed that Yanagawa was a city destined to die out. Nowadays, it is coming back to life. This is a story of the conflict of one young lady, who searches out bonds and pursues her own path.

Seiichi Hishikawa/Tokushima/3:26/CM/2014
This film appeals to Tokushima's unique value as a counter to the city of Tokyo. With the concept "vs Tokyo," this film tries to change Tokushima and the rest of Japan. The edgy concept plays out alongside the visual beauty of Tokushima's traditional culture. Set to the rhythm of Symphony No. 9.

My hometown, forever…
Kundo Koyama/Kumamoto/15:00/Documentary/2015
It has been four years since “kumamoto surprise film.”
As a sales representative for Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamon is often in and out of the prefecture, busy delivering surprises and happiness throughout the rest of Japan. On this occasion, he will go back to visit some of those he has not seen for a long time, to see what has been happening back in his hometown over the last four years. What will be the new surprise he reveals…

iTSCOM / 6/13 sat 13:30-15:20 Ticket reservations Access