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2015 TOP Program CG Animation Program B

CG Animation Program B

YOKOHAMA / 6/5 fri 20:00-21:50 Ticket reservations Access
SPACE O / 6/6 sat 13:30-15:20 Ticket reservations Access
iTSCOM / 6/14 sun 15:40-17:30 Ticket reservations Access

Digital Flontier Grand Prix 2015 Best CG Animation Award
Hiroaki Matsumoto, Daichi Hirakawa/Japan/1:08/Animation/2014
In 1575 at the battle of Nagashino, where Shingen Takeda and Nobunaga Oda stand glaring at each other...

Roman Kaelin, Falko Paeper, Florian Wittmann/Germany/4:06/Animation/2014
The world, in a never-ending interplay of eating and being eaten, takes on new dimensions when the unexpected forces of nature clash with the existing structures of our society. What was believed to be forever melts away over the course of time. The only constant is change.

Martial Andre, Sara Ayoub, Benjamin Condy, Ariane Dedulle, Cécilia Maturi, Tatiana Tchoumakova/France/4:00/Animation/2014
Two identical kid puppets are playing ball. As they reach puberty, their gender identity shows up: one is a girl and the other one is a boy. The fraternal twins are therefore separated by two giant wooden hands and forced into traditional gender roles. They become manipulated lifeless marionettes.

Bendito Machine V - Pull the Trigger
Jossie Malis/Spain/11:54/Animation/2014
Trapped against his will in a turbulent conflict, an exotic traveler must wait patiently until the storm has passed.

Martinus Klemet/Estonia/4:15/Animation/2014
A man brings a cat home one day. It turns out he has a special plan for his new pet. However, he doesn't seem to know that cats have nine lives. Inspired by a controversial Dutch art project from 2012, animated horror comedy Crackhouse depicts psychedelic suburb flooded by stern dubstep sounds.

Beach Flags
Sarah Saidan/France/13:39/Animation/2014
Vida is a young Iranian lifeguard. Popular on her team, she is determined to fight in order to be the one to participate in an international competition in Australia. However, when Sareh who is as fast and talented as her, joins the team, Vida will have to face an unexpected situation.

First Launch
WeiXiu Wang/Taiwan/13:30/Animation/2014
Little Scissors is a little young girl always dreaming of becoming a space hero. Today is her first day at preschool. Surprisingly, she encounters an alien attack. Will she fight them bravely? An incredible, fantasy story!

Cloé Adenot, Baptiste Bourdon, Léa Delachapelle, Lou Thomas, Michaël Vigouroux/France/5:50/Animation/2014
One night, while his master is out , a young page notes that the door of his private workshop remains open. Out of curiosity, he goes through the door and ventures into the workshop... but he will discover what he should never have.

Youth is Sudden…
Hikari Miura/Japan/2:48/Animation/2014
This story is about a frog who yearns to live like the girls in romance mangas. However, reality is never lives up to fantasy. The moral of the story is to tread carefully.

Julia Ceschino, Christelle Giboin, Abdelkader Nouar, Simon Renaud, Jean Teulieres, Camille Vital/France/5:42/Animation/2014
On a barren planet, a shaft of light suddenly splits the sky. The ground moves, the earth trembles, rocks shatter and rumble. The air mellows. After the stones' hustle, a strange vegetation settles in. The rhythm speeds up and one discovers a fascinating universe.

Drifting cloud
Yuta Sukegawa/Japan/7:24/Animation/2014
A lost cloud wanders the sky making new friendships, experiencing heartbreak and soaking in the wonders of life.

The 75th (2003) Academy Awards® nominee for Best Short Film (Animated)
The Cathedral
Tomasz Bagiński/Poland/6:20/Animation/2002
Why speak, silence is better...

YOKOHAMA / 6/5 fri 20:00-21:50 Ticket reservations Access
SPACE O / 6/6 sat 13:30-15:20 Ticket reservations Access
iTSCOM / 6/14 sun 15:40-17:30 Ticket reservations Access