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FRIDAY 06/05, Omotesando Hills: 2nd Program - 3 shorts from, produced & located in Nagoya!

The always delightful Short Story Nagoya program returned once again this year with 3 varied shorts that have the distinct look & feel of this city located in the center of Japan.

Director Naonori Fukazawa & his short “A Walk In August” told the audience that he had to use some CG magic due to a typhoon that delayed the shoot into fall. So painfully he had to add some green to the beautiful autumn leaves in the scenes!

Director Takeshi Kakinuma with his short “Raven” revealed that he had to make a lot of changes & additions to the original story which was basically a one-set story as told by a crow but since that was rather limiting visually, he added story points & settings for his short.

Finally director Mai Sakai brought along Nanoha Ito who wrote the original story & screenplay for her short “Laugh & Get Fat.” She revealed that when the young actress who played the lead Yumi came for her audition, she was the only one who came without much makeup as opposed to the rest who were rather “idol” like & was drawn to her naturalness & personality. There’s a good hint for you young actors & actresses, sometimes just being yourself works!

Another good program, thanks Nagoya!

DJ John

The Nagoya team!
The Nagoya team!

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