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Silver Week at Japan’s one and only Short Film Theater!

“High Tension Short Film Program” will be screening from September 2 (Wed) to September 30 (Wed) at Brillia Short Shorts Theater – the short film specialist cinema in Yokohama’s Minatomirai that screens works from around the world.

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Lucy vs. The limits of voice

Mónica Herrera / 10:00 / Drama / Mexico / 2012

Lucy is a young girl who believes in the power of the voice. After an encounter with her very talkative aunt, she begins to believe that everyone will reach their speaking limit, just like her grandfather has. Lucy then begins to choose her words wisely.

Lucy vs. The Limits of Voice


Following this, “Fantasy Short Film Program” will be screening from September 16 (Wed) to October 15 (Thu). Five films comprise the lineup, including shorts from France, Ireland, the USA. and Canada. “Fantasy in Bubblewrap” – a comedy short from the USA – tells the story of anthropomorphic bubblewrap characters who are gradually crushed by approaching human fingers. The troubling situation of these cute characters and their final words will have you laughing before you know it!

Fantasy Bubblewrap

Fantasy in Bubblewrap

Arthur Metcalf / 4:30 / Animation / U.S.A. / 2007
A whimsical jaunt through the world of bubblewrap.

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