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2015 TOP Program Special Program from Cannes The Last One

Special Program from Cannes


YOKOHAMA / 6/8 mon 11:20-13:10 Ticket reservations Access
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SHIDAX / 6/11 thu 17:50-19:40 Ticket reservations Access
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The Last One
The Last One
Sergey Pikalov/Azerbaijan/15:00/Drama/2014
Every morning when he woke up, he would shuffle to the fridge. It wasn’t that good a companion – it would wheeze and shudder, then suddenly fall silent in mid-sentence, which really annoyed the old man - but for him, it was family. That day started as usual. The old man woke up
alive, and headed to the terrace. But this time, the fridge was dead…

Director : Sergey Pikalov
Born in Yaroslavl in 1976, graduated from the Yaroslavl State Theatre Institute. Since 2000, he has been working for Yaroslavl Youth Theatre and has staged a huge number of plays, both for children and adults. Sergey is well known for directing TV series and sitcoms, and SONUNCU (The Last One) marks his feature film debut.
Cannes Film Festival 2014 (France)