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2015 TOP Program Music Shorts Program C Bigger Than The Tall

Music Shorts Program C


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Bigger Than The Tall
Bigger Than The Tall
Kjartan Nilsen/Norway/5:30/Music Shorts/2014/♪Scarlet Chives 'Bigger Than The Tall'
"Bigger Than The Tall" is an absurd and dark depiction of the relationship between a girl who works in a funeral home and her deceased grandfather. In between the Nordic mountains and islands, the director has created a universe of its own. The Scandinavian melancholy can be felt through the screen.

Director : Kjartan Nilsen
Norwegian-born director and screenwriter Kjartan Nilsen is known for his surrealistic films, strongly influenced by the Nordic melancholia.

Artist : Scarlet Chives
Song title : Bigger Than The Tall
Maria Holm-Mortensen's peculiar voice strikes somewhere between Björk’s unconventional timbre and the haunting vocals of The Knife’s Karin Dreijer. Wrapped in formidable synthesizer spheres and vast sound walls of guitars, the five Danes of Scarlet Chives create mesmerizing pop séances which seem to summon our gloomy fantasies and secret fears.