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2015 TOP Program Music Shorts Program B Good Day Today

Music Shorts Program B


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Good Day TodayMature
Good Day Today
Arnold de Parscau/France/4:39/Music Shorts/2011/♪David Lynch 'Good Day Today'
A little boy is having dinner with his family, playing with a little wooden boat he's just made. He imagines his father, mother and sister as he would like them to be, before coming back to a sad reality.

Director : Arnold de Parscau
Coming to attention with his music video for 'Good Day Today,' composed in 2011 by David Lynch, Arnold de Parscau is a young filmmaker from Brittany. His first feature film, "Ablations," features Denis Ménochet ("Inglourious Basterds"), Virginie Ledoyen ("The Beach"), Yolande Moreau and Philippe Nahon.

Artist : David Lynch
Song title : Good Day Today
Though David Lynch is most famous for his films, he is also active in the music scene and has been credited with several productions, most notably as the producer and lyricist for Julee Cruise's first two albums. His musical style is avant-garde, combining ambient soundscapes with experimental rock or electropop.