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2015 TOP Program Music Shorts Program C Ikiteyuku Full ver.

Music Shorts Program C


SPACE O / 6/5 fri 17:50-19:40 Ticket reservations Access
YOKOHAMA / 6/6 sat 20:00-21:50 Ticket reservations Access
SHIDAX / 6/7 sun 15:40-17:30 Ticket reservations Access
Ikiteyuku Full ver.
Ikiteyuku Full ver.
Santa Yamagishi/Japan/25:00/Music Shorts/2014/♪KANA-BOON 'Ikiteyuku'
He went to Tokyo to chase his dreams of being in a band and left her behind. When they reunite again at their old haunt on the beach in this seaside town, their conversations of the past and present are swallowed by the sound of the night waves and stir up old memories.

Director : Santa Yamagishi
Since 2008, director Santa Yamagishi (1978) has been working as a freelance director, directing various music videos, including SAKE ROCK, Unicorn, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, and Nogizaka 46. He also works as a production unit with Gen Hoshino and Daijiro Ohara.

Artist : KANA-BOON
Song title : Ikiteyuku
A 4-piece rock band from Osaka, KANA-BOON made their major debut in 2013. They play at various rock festivals and have garnered widespread attention. In 2015, they released their second album, TIME. They are extremely popular among teens and are considered an up-and-coming rock band on the Japanese music scene.