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2015 TOP Program Music Shorts Program B Boys Latin

Music Shorts Program B


YOKOHAMA / 6/6 sat 15:40-17:30 Ticket reservations Access
SHIDAX / 6/6 sat 17:50-19:40 Ticket reservations Access
LAFORET / 6/12 fri 20:00-21:50 Ticket reservations Access
Boys Latin
Boys Latin
Isaiah Saxon & Sean Hellfritsch/USA/4:42/Music Shorts/2014/♪Panda Bear 'Boys Latin'
A young woman's hike along a coastal tide pool turns unreal when her encounter with a sea anemone triggers a phantasmagorical reaction. She meets a man who seems to be in a similar predicament, and together they start a family of sorts.

Director : Isaiah Saxon & Sean Hellfritsch
Encyclopedia Pictura is a film and animation studio in San Francisco led by directors Isaiah Saxon, Daren Rabinovitch, and Sean Hellfritsch. EP’s music videos for Bjork, Grizzly Bear, Metronomy, and Panda Bear have garnered many awards, including Video of the Year from DA&D, UK VMA, Antville, and Spin Magazine. Esquire called them “The Directors of the Future.”

Artist : Panda Bear
Song title : Boys Latin
Panda Bear, aka solo artist Noah Benjamin Lennox, is an experimental musician and co-founding member of the band Animal Collective. In 2015, Panda Bear released his fifth studio album Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper.