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SUNDAY 06/07, OMOTESANDO HILLS: Final program - Cinema Night with Korean Superstar Jung Woo Sung

Our final day here at the Omotesando Hills Space O ended with the last 2 programs completely sold out to excited crowds. As previously reported, Ian Hunter’s VFX Seminar was a treasure trove of special effects movie-making dotted with fun anecdotes from a man who’s been there & back many many times.

For our final program, Korean actor & short film director Jung Woo Sung raised the excitement to a packed room of 99% female fans, some of who had lined-up for their reservation tickets from the VERY early morning hours.

In the talk Woo Sung told the audience that for him, making a short film is all about not having the luxury of time. Either as an actor or as director one really needs to think things through very carefully because short filmmaking is all about no money & no time & this causes pressures but also can result in a film with a real “live” feel.

He also realized that a story idea can come from anywhere. His short titled “The Killer Behind, the Old Man” which is in our Asia International & Japan Program as a special screening short, is about a hired killer & his target & is set in a gym. Woo Sung  got the idea for the story at his own gym while working out & had the story fleshed out.

Just goes to show, in whatever level you are in as a filmmaker, you have to draw your ideas from wherever they appear & if it truly does appeal to you, trust your instincts!

What a great way to finish the 1st half of our festival & now it’s off to Laforet Museum in Harajuku just a few blocks away for the 2nd half starting Thursday. See you all there!

DJ John

Jung Woo Sung - Stylish, handsome AND talented!
Jung Woo Sung – Stylish, handsome AND talented!

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