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A must for creators! Event video for seminar with popular YouTuber Jet Daisuke, where he talked about the video revolution and the future of video content delivery!

YouTubers are those who create wide varieties of video content on the YouTube platform.

We welcomed YouTuber Jet Daisuke to a seminar where discussed the current situation of video delivery, how the internet may be of use to video creators in the future, and about whether one is able to expand this area as a space for business.


“seminar with popular YouTuber Jet Daisuke!part1″

“seminar with popular YouTuber Jet Daisuke!part2″

“seminar with popular YouTuber Jet Daisuke!part3″



Jet Daisuke (UUUM Co., Ltd. Advisor)

As a video blogger chiefly introducing digital goods, he was awarded the Alpha Blogger Award in 2009. He has appeared on television and in magazines many times both domestically and internationally. His Video Art style works have been screened and awarded both at home and abroad.


Kazuki Kamada (UUUM Co., Ltd. President and CEO)

He began working for listed companies at the age of 19. At Telecom Service Corp., he opened 100 Softbank shops in a single month. As of 2011 he has served as the CEO of E-Mobile. Since meeting Taizo Son, has been on a path to high impact ventures. Going on to meet HIKAKIN thereafter, he is a 30-year-old who stands apart, ahead of the rest.

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