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2013 TOP > Awards / Jurors > Visual Tourism Award

Visual Tourism Award (Commissioner's Award, Japan Tourism Agency)

On May 30, 2013, at Omotesando Hills Space O, the 2nd Visual Tourism Award was announced during the Opening Ceremony.

Visual Tourism Award Release (PDF/Japanese)

Oshii! Hiroshima-ken THE MOVIE

Hideki Saijo, Bunkakky, Yasumitsu Okazaki of Hiroshima Prefectural

Hiroshima Prefecture commissioned to make a promotional video, using the catch phrase “Oshii! (Just missed it!)” to express the appeal of Hiroshima. The popular Japanese comedian, Hiroyuki Ariyoshi starred as the head of “Hiroshima Oshii! Committee” with a cast of stars who are from Hiroshima and approximately 650 locals as extras, introducing Hiroshima lemons, oysters, and Mihara octopus that Hiroshima is famous for. In addition, an original song was created to go along with the film.

Official Website:http://oc-h.jp/movie/

Visual Tourism Award Special Mention Award

Katteni Kanko Kyokai

Jun Miura, Kumamon, Hajime Anzai

Jun Miura and Hajime Anzai got together to create a spontaneous unit “Katteni Kanko Kyokai (Spontaneous Tourism Committee)” and have traveled around to 40 prefectures in nine years since 2004 in order to create and produce original songs dedicated to the areas they have traveled to as well as original posters, mascots, and local items to promote tourism in Japan.

Official Website:http://www.discberry.com/kanko/index.html