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2013 TOP > Awards / Jurors > Save the Earth! Competition Best Short Award

Save the Earth! Competition Best Short Award
(Minister's Award, the Ministry of Environment)
J-WAVE Award

Meghna Gupta/UK/India/13:35/Documentary/2012


“UNRAVEL” follows the Western world’s least wanted clothes on a journey across Northern India, from the open sea to an industrial interior. They get sent to Panipat, a sleepy town and the only place in the world that wants them, to be recycled back into yarn.

CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival 2012 (Canada) Audience Choice Award
Edmonton International Film Festival 2012 (Canada) Best Short Documentary
Tampere Film Festival 2012 (Finland)

Director : Meghna Gupta


This year Unravel was accepted into Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokyo. We were delighted as it was one of the first places in Asia the film had been accepted. To my complete surprise I found myself not only attending, but our film also won three awards - The J-Wave Save the Earth award, the Minister of Enivronment's award for Best Short and the Audience Award in a wonderful ceremony.

Unravel was a film that came out of a chance encounter - I visited the factories in the film a job I had as a translator for an anthropologist - Dr. Lucy Norris - who studies textile recycling. The film focuses on how workers in textile recycling factories relate to or imagine the West through the waste clothing.

Unravel is a real team effort - and it's thanks to the talented team and Dr. Norris's support behind it that it came together. We'd like to deeply thank Short Shorts Film Festival for screening our film and convey our very deepest gratitude for the overwhelming support for the film from the judges, the Ministry of the Environment, J-WAVE and all the festival staff. It was a real honour to meet and be present amongst highly talented filmmakers at an inspirational festival, which really cares about filmmaking. My very deepest thanks to Short Shorts Film Festival!

Meghna studied Film and Television at London College of Communication, followed by an Anthropology Masters at University College London. She currently produces music videos and short content at Soul Rebel Films. She’s also developing a documentary trilogy about renewable energy in South Asia and a series of shorts about Facebook in developing countries.