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2013 TOP > Awards / Jurors > FutureCity Yokohama Award

FutureCity Yokohama Award

Doron Coron
Yuichi Ito/Japan/3:00/Animation/2012

Doron Coron

DoronCoron is a boy made of dirt that came alive in an unexpected way. After leaving his town,DoronCoron meets various kinds of creatures throughout the year, communicates with them,then returns to the soil eventually.
Director : Yuichi Ito


I am very happy to receive such a honorable award. This three-minute clay animation, "Doron Coron," was produced for "The Earth and Children of Tomorrow - Pray for Happiness" campaign by TVK (Television Kanagawa). In this animation, a little mud creature travels around cities by rolling along the ground, always returning to where it started. In watching the film everyday, I hope viewers experience a difference in their feelings and the way they think about their everyday life as connected to the future. I would also like to share this honor with all those who helping me to create this piece.

Yuichi has worked on the Mister Donut’s "Pon de Lion" CM, Ken Hirai’s "Kimi wa Tomodachi" ("You are my friend") MV, and Shochiku’s 100th Anniversary video "Norabittsu Minitsu", along with numerous other projects. He is the representative creator of the Puchi Puchi anime "Nyakki!", celebrating its 17th anniversary this year.