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2013 TOP > Awards / Jurors > Music Shorts Competition Award

Music Shorts Competition Best Cinematic Award

Mika Ninagawa/Japan/12:41/Music Shorts/2012

Candy, Suzy, Dalia, Ruby and Coco are tough, beautiful women working in a brothel in the American west. One day Candy and Suzy escape. While fleeing they run into the others, and are drawn into trouble. The tough working girls to overcome their troubles, with Candy as leader.
Director : Mika Ninagawa


Coming soon

Pink Spider
Koda Kumi x Ninagawa Mika x Anno Moyoco
Pink Spider

Kumi Koda was born in Kyoto in 1982. She scored her first huge hit in 2004 with the theme song from the movie "Cutie Honey." Now a superster, she has gaind the overwhelming support of female fans as a "sexy cool" artist.

Music Shorts Competition UULA Award

Naoto Monma/Japan/9:00/Music Shorts/2013
Ajun, a Korean girl cheated into working at a brothel, and Hiroshi, a member at the tail end of the gang running the establishment, fall in love with each other. Becoming hopeful, they head to the airport to abscond...
Director : Naoto Monma


I would like to show my deepest appreciation to the festival staff and also the UULA for giving me such a wonderful award and opportunity. The award should be shared with my fellow staff and casts.

At the beginning, I started writing the story based on the song "SKY" by MAY'S, but towards the end of creating the film, I began to feel as if the song were actually made for this film. The story and expressions of the casts syncronized perfectly with the song, which added more to the film. Again, I would like to thank MAY'S for providing their wonderful song.

I have been working on the project "SHORT MOVIE CRACH" that is where filmmakers and music artists collaborate to create six short films throughout the year. For that reason, this award meant so much to me and to my future.

Music and visual images are independent catagories themselves but both collaborates well together to show the most of both.

I will be making another music short with UULA and SSFF & ASIA and hope that a power of music and visual images will again spring together from my work and reaches the audience's heart and mind.


May's is a rare unit that performs R&B as well as high level pop music. They released a first best hits album this year and will start their nationwide tour in May. They’re sure to draw increased attention as they continue to release more hits in the future.