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6/7 Wed 20:00-21:50 LAFORET
6/11 Sun 17:50-19:40 YOKOHAMA
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6/16 Fri 17:50-19:40 iTSCOM

The Coup - A Small Cleptomanicx Adventure

Fabian Driehorst & Frédéric Schuld/1:04/Germany/Fashion/2015

Captain Clepto smuggles his friends on the flight to Lodato Beach by hiding them in cases.

Maaike Fransen

Pippin and the Pursuits of Life

Femke Huurdeman/5:48/Netherlands/Fashion/2016

The short features the playful Spring/Summer 2015 collection of Dutch designer Maaike Fransen and takes the collection's ethos as its starting point. With a whimsical soundtrack by Ravian de Vries, enchanting sets and hair and make-up by Sacha Kambong and Sofia Commandeur, Huurdeman’s colourful film builds a world around the quirky garments.

Salvatore Ferragamo - Signorina Fragrance

My life is a play

Sébastien Grousset/3:55/France/Fashion/2016

My Life is a Play starring Grace Hartzel playing the three facets of Signorina: innocent and mysterious, elegant and rebellious, but above all confident and ironic.

Georgetown Optician

Our Family Knows Glasses

Dean Alexander//USA/Fashion/2015

This short fashion film tells the story of the family behind Georgetown Optician — a fashion eyewear retailer. The film tells the story of three characters as they grew up in this eyewear-­‐obsessed family.

Georgetown Optician

Our Family Knows Glasses-The Eye Ball

Dean Alexander/2:28/USA/Fashion/2016

“The Eye Ball” is the sequel to the award winning “Our Family Know Glasses” film. It continues the true-ish story of the Voorthuis family, optically-obsessed owners of Georgetown Optician – a true-life Fashion eyewear retailer.


The Ordinary Tasks of the Super Human

João Retorta & Filipe Penajoia/2:05/Portgual/Fashion/2016

Starring NY’s artist ZEBRA KATZ ‘The Ordinary Tasks of The Super Human’ is a fashion film directed by João Retorta and Filipe Penajoia for Prudêncio’s SS16 collection.


The Realist Real

Carrie Brownstein/6:41/France/Fashion/2016

With social media infiltrating our lives and disintegrating the barriers between what is ordinary and what is celebrity, KENZO takes a surreal look at the invisible digital walls that separate us from our favourite personalities and icons, and the curious conceit of a dream
come true.


Winter Eclipse

Pablo Maestres/3:12/Spain/Fashion/2016

A girl left alone in a beautiful house after a party has fun on her own.

Bibi Lou

Breaking Rules

Victor Claramunt/4:19/Spain/Fashion/2015

Rules are necessary for the development of a society, if they did not exist we'd miss the pleasure of breaking them.

Zeynep Tosun

Three Apostles

Koray Birand/2:48/Turkey/Fashion/2016

Three ladies in vivid fashion are walking in a glassland.


The Huntingtans (Chewing Gum & Love Affairs)

Sergej Moya/6:14/Germany/Fashion/2016

KILIAN KERNER's Winter/Autumn 2016 Collection. The movie is for his fashion show, directed by Sergej Moya.

Ethical Fashion Initiative


Noir Tribe/4:18/South Africa/Fashion/2016

In our first episode of Ethetics, Keith Henning gives us a tour of the AKJP Collective, which showcases designs from a range of talented South African makers, including Episode 2 designers Lukhanyo Mdingi and Nicholas Coutts. Back at his studio he introduces some of his team and shares with us the AKJP AW16 menswear collection, inspired by artist Georgina Gratrix’s art and impasto brushwork. After a trip to the Woodheads leathery we end up at the SvenMill factory, where their jacquard is made. We had the incredible opportunity to show some of the standouts of the AW16 menswear collection in the environment in which it was made, on model Martin Gareth Magner.

Ethical Fashion Initiative


Noir Tribe/3:17/South Africa/Fashion/2016

In the second episode of Ethetics we showcase standout looks from the Lukyanho Mdingi & Nicholas Coutts A/W16 Tactile Collection in three different South African landscapes, from a barren desert to a lush mountainside on models Gandhi Mukiza and Yannick Konan. The MDINGI COUTTS A/W17 Tactile Collection was showcased at the Generation Africa show produced by Pitti Immagine and the Ethical Fashion Initiative. With Coutts’s distinct weaving technique and Mdingi’s traditionalist approach to minimalism and classic basics; the two used Africa’s natural landscape as a means to conceptualize the overall aesthetic of the collection.


Dan Gianini/2:34/UK/Fashion/2016

Bella walks towards her local launderette, with a determined gaze. She starts loading the washing machine. Closes its door shut, sits and wait for its cycle to begin. Peculiar sounds come from different sources. The laundrette’s owner splashing the wet mop on the floor. A bucket of water being kicked, washing and drying machine knobs being twisted. Bell going off as front door is pushed opened. Pages being turned by a boy reading his MAD magazine. Slowly, all these different sounds build into an uniform beat. She puts her old fashioned headphones on and falls into her daydream fantasy of disco lights and uncoordinated dancing. Until the push of a washing machine button, snaps them out of Bella’s fantasy. Life resumes to normality.

The Dakar Express

Peter Verster Cohen/2:00/South Africa/Senegal/Fashion/2016

Inspired by Wes Anderson’s humorous, misty-eyed cinematography, Peter shot in and around the Dakar Senegal’s deserted train station with a cast of non-models.


The Good Italian III - The Magic of Naples

Adriano de Santis/8:58/Italy/Fashion/2017

Make Yourself Unstoppable

Wolf & Lamm/3:47/Switzerland/Fashion/2016

A Man. A Suit. A Mission.


Falling Up

Niall O'Brien/3:00/UK/Fashion/2016

Liv Tyler retraces the footsteps of renowned aviatrix from the 20s Amelia Earhart – one of the first women ever dressed by BELSTAFF.

Ricardo Seco

Peyote Dreams - A Journey To Inspiration

Noir Tribe/5:05/Mexico/Fashion/

Mexican fashion designer Ricardo Seco found inspiration in the Mexican Huichol Tribe, also known as the Wixárikas. Known for their bright beading of the eagle, the deer, and the peyote symbols, the Wixárikas are a very private community, whom honored the designer with access to their remote village.


Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt/3:04/UK/Fashion/2016

ABJECTIVE is a fashion film exploring abject and abjection by the means of hair as a stylisticmedium in film. The abject, a term formed by Julia Kristeva, is transported by the ambiguous object of hair, that can be seen on the one hand as object of desire but in this case leads to a break out of crisis triggered by the disgust. The sound level that is once more emphasizing on the inner crisis the main character is undergoing underlines the disruption of the perfect family.



Sean Baker/11:52/USA/Fashion/2000

Snowbird traces the journey of a young woman through a debrisscattered desert community, sharing her homemade cake with the
residents along her route.

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