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6/13 Tue 20:00-21:50 YOKOHAMA
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Hiroaki Matsu/06:17/Japan/Fantasy/2017

In an imaginary landscape of Tokyo, the giant girls of Tokyo are living in Shibuya, Akihabara, Odaiba….everywhere in Tokyo. This film depicts chaotic Tokyo and the impact of the "Tokyo Gigantic Girls."

The Sigh of Language

Slony Sow/23:21/Japan/Fiction, Romance/2017

In winter in Tokyo, a fateful encounter in front of a bright chandelier. They can't understand each other but there is a special connection between them. "What do I want to tell him…" She absorbs herself in learning French just so she can understand a voice mail he left on her phone. A pure love story to keep a promise left in a hidden message.

Super Trotter - Ep 01

Pranay Patwardhan, Nikita Deshpande & Himanshu Thakur/00:48/India/Animation/2016

Each day thousands of cartoons come to the entertainment district of Akihabara. Some work here, others look for jobs, while a few live in the subway.We ride along with 'Hikishu' a vlogger and aspiring actor in the first ever episode of Super Trotter, a travel series.

Divine Hammer

Anise Lew/03:47/USA, Japan/Music Video/2016

A soft and beautiful portrayal of global Girl Culture between NYC and Tokyo, bringing two friends from different sides of the world together for one magical day. An intimate look into the girls' lives and emotions, showing a simple happiness, manifested in the purest form of love between two people.


Christophe Gautry & Mathieu Brisebras/07:45/France, Belgium/Animation, Experimental/2012

Sometimes, in our urban world, the system pins people to the ground with disregard. But seen under a new angle, the city becomes a new space to be rediscovered and reconstructed...


Tsuneo Goda/04:04/Japan/Fiction, Animation/2017

Imps "To" and "Kyo" are playing tag at a nallow alley in Yanese, Tokyo. There is their home town since Tokyo was called Edo. They put a curse on strangers as playing since long time ago. Purhaps, Tokyo keep changing because of them…

The Wish

Gleb Torubarov/07:00/Japan/Drama/2016

A young man’s day takes an unexpected turn when a woman accidentally leaves her umbrella behind. Now it’s up to him to heroically return it.

Cobblers Hands in Asakusa

Daisuke Ishihara/08:08/Japan/Documentary/2016

JuCo's shoes are bright & pop. These shoes are made by the worn hands of cobblers in Asakusa. We wanted to depict the warmness & personal care of handmade craftwork in the rapid manufacturing metropolis that is Tokyo with the hope that tradition & craftsmanship will continue to flourish here.


Shuichi Bamba /03:37/Japan/Fiction, Video Art/2016

The passion & heat of Tokyo depicted by 4 girls as you've never seen before. The girls perform & synchronize to the rhythms & beats of "Neo Tokyo-Ondo."

Tokyo Cine-magic: Special Screening
Special Screening

Home Away From Home

Yukinori Makabe/12:36/Japan/Drama/2017

A taxi driver, a young girl and a backpacker simultaneously experience a wonderful journey in Tokyo, where they find connections to their own homes in Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia. Throughout their journey, they run into the same Japanese woman named Akiko. Meanwhile, a writer in Paris recalls her encounter with Akiko in Tokyo.

6/2 Fri 20:00-21:50 SPACE O
6/13 Tue 20:00-21:50 YOKOHAMA
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