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6/2 Fri 17:50-19:40 YOKOHAMA
6/14 Wed 13:30-15:20 YOKOHAMA
6/17 Sat 20:00-21:50 iTSCOM

Witch Doctor

Floris Kaayk & Studio Smack/2:58/Netherlands/Music Video/2015

Official music video for De Staat. With a mesmerising performance in an ash-grey environment, abundant special effects, steroids and a spectacular mass choreography.


Toshihumi Akai/6:06/Japan, USA/Music Video/2016

Rin, a lonely girl who lives in a futuristic simulator creates new virtual worlds. However, in reality, Rin is in a coma on a spaceship.

Special Screening

Kiritansu no Uta

Yuki Saito/6:12/Japan/Music Video/2017

A clothes chest made of paulownia trees has seen every story that the family has shared for generations. Memories of the father and the daughter are illustrated along with the emotional moments on the day of her wedding.

Without The Lights

Phillip Chbeeb/4:06/USA/Music Video/2016

A woman was once trapped inside of herself. She lost her self in herself till darkness carved a path right out of her body. The path was riddled with painful stones, but she knew no other way out. She followed it. As she walked, stone became sand and sand became liquid beneath her feet. She began to sink. Deeper and deeper. She was drowning in it before she realized it was blood... before she realized it was her blood.


Ryo Kawasaki/9:59/Japan/Music Short/2017

Yui who are doing job hunting comes to a room of Megumi who is doing marrage hunting. Megumi comforts Yui while she whines but Megumi gradualy being jekous of Yui's attraction of young woman… Megumi sees a fallen leaves, then she thinks "she is autumn. She is autumn that is not in season." Relationship of sisters. Suffering of "marrage hunting" and "job hunting" which are especial to woman.

Breakin' Point

HochR/4:14/Poland/Music Video/2016

Left in the middle of nowhere, a forlorn human is up against his very own self-preservation.

far away

Yuho Ishibashi/10:00/Japan/Music Short/2017

A couple on a holiday reveal their hidden true inner feelings through casual conversations with the beautiful seaside as a backdrop.

Dust My Shoulders Off

Jen Shuai Liao/3:40/China, Taiwan/Music Video/2016

Singer Zhang Liangying, portrays the role of an office lady and was presented at the beginning of the story. This unlucky lady was blamed by her boss over the phone when she visited the Art Institute of Chicago. Suddenly, she enters a world of famous paintings, and was on her way to a fantastic adventure.

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Kensuke Yokoyama/8:56/Japan/Music Short/2017

It's been 2 years since the dead began turning into zombies & attacking people. In a world where the living have given up hope & are turning to suicide, Akiho is begged by his girlfriend who's been bitten by a zombie to do something unthinkable. Can he do it for her?

A Short Film

Yasuyuki Yamaguchi/5:44/Japan /Music Video/2016

Foley artists are a necessary part of filmmaking. The band act as Foley artists in this Film. This film's theme is that in life, there are always people who support you in getting where you want to go or doing what you want to do. This film depicts those very important people in life.

Eau de Vie

Sarah Marechal/6:33/Colombia/Music Video/2016

In 2013, in the Colombian jungle of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Mariazú recorded Eau de Vie – Agua Ardiente, an album dedicated to Water. Eau de Vie is a song about Time and its qualities that are similar to those of Water. Time as a transformation factor; Time that never stops. Time and its cyclical nature, tirelessly bringing us back to the same point, transformed and different.

Creepy Nuts (MC R.Shitei and DJ Matsunaga) / Joendanyusho (Best Suppoting Actor)

N2B+peledona/5:42/Japan/Music Video/2016

The Creepy Nuts featuring virgin DJ, "DJ Matsunaga" and uncool MC, "Rated-R" become superstars with their major label debut!! They rule the world as a "hot" dance unit! An extremely ironic, ultra-super music video!

A Song by illion, a solo project by Yojiro Noda from RADWIMPS.
Special Screening


Shunji Iwai/7:55/Japan/Music Video/2016

A man who had turned his back on the world sets out on a journey to find a new version of himself. A monster without eyes, an unnamed one and many dark secrets. A hard journey awaits but he will keep going until he finds the version of himself that, until now, he had never wanted to meet. Original Art/Story - Jaehoon Choi

6/2 Fri 17:50-19:40 YOKOHAMA
6/14 Wed 13:30-15:20 YOKOHAMA
6/17 Sat 20:00-21:50 iTSCOM

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