CG Animation Program 2

6/4 Sun 11:20-13:10 SPACE O
6/14 Wed 20:00-21:50 YOKOHAMA
6/23 Fri 20:00-21:50 YOKOHAMA
Directed by Takashi Nakamura (the director of “A TREE OF PALME” and the animation director of “AKIRA”)
Special Screening

Ylion and Callysia

Takashi Nakamura/07:28/Japan/Animation/2017

Callysia and Ylion are very close siblings. One day, Callysia was abducted because their farther tried to catch a unicorn, After 10 years Ylion grew up as a strong warrior. He left to go to the hanging garden where unicorn live with a sword that was made from a unicorn's horn.


Relaxatron 5000

Andrew Brand/01:25/UK/Animation/2016

Escape your crappy life with the Relaxatron 5000.

Down To The Wire

Juan Carlos Mostaza/12:23/Spain/Animation/2016

Somewhere in a world settled by people made of wire, a stranger arrives to a ghost town where the only inhabitants are a man and his daughter...

Water Colors

Takashi Yoneoka/01:49/Japan/Animation/2017

When nobody is in a room, tiny water colour painters jump onto the canvas. The white watercolour watches them from afar because he has no colour.


Camille Le Souffaché, Marion Malle, Arthur Ranson & Gabriel Henot Lefevre/06:46/France/Animation/2016

"You have it all but your life is boring to the point you want to throw yourself out the window? Take the big jump with Neverdie!"

Green Light

Seongmin Kim /15:33/South Korea/Animation/2016

With the ecosystem destroyed after a nuclear war, Mari, a survivor, does all she can to rebuild. When she stumbles upon a robot soldier in an abandoned city, everything changes.


Tomer Eshed/03:32/Germany/Animation/2016

The feeding habits of the common cameleon as never seen before.


Dávid Dell'Edera/06:18/Hungary/Animation/2016

Midday heat and silence engulfs the streets of the downtown housing estate. A couple of kids play football in the shade of a nearby driveway. Residents huddle themselves up in their flats, doing their daily activities. In front of the panel building a man shows up.


Romain Salvini, Clémentine Frère, Aurore Gal, Yukiko Meingnien, Anna Mertz & Robin Migliorelli/06:53/France/Animation/2016

Early in the morning in a Japanese shopping center, a shopkeeper gets stuck. In order to help her, her young employee decides to cross the shopping center with her.

Way of Giants

Alois Di Leo/11:52/Brazil/Animation/2016

“Way of Giants” is a poetical search for purpose and reason that follows the story of Oquirá, a six year old indigenous girl, as she confronts the cycle of life and the concept of destiny. The film explores the forces in nature, music and our connection with earth.


Alexander Dietrich & Johannes Flick/04:13/Germany/Animation/2016

Two male, glowing creatures start a fight over trying to impress a female. Each one of them wants to win her over by giving a better light show than his competitor.

6/4 Sun 11:20-13:10 SPACE O
6/14 Wed 20:00-21:50 YOKOHAMA
6/23 Fri 20:00-21:50 YOKOHAMA

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