Screening and Award Presentation of "Ibaraki Short Film Award"

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iTSCOM /6/18 sun 13:30-15:20


茨城SSFF & ASIA will join the “Ibaraki Short Film A wards,” sponsored by the province of Ibaraki, to host its awards ceremony and screening of nominated films. This award was established to celebrate and spread through film the charms of Ibaraki, with its scenery, culture, and cuisine, and to promote screen tourism. Since this past June when we opened our general submissions call, we have received 86 films. In addition to the festival, there will be special facilities like libraries with information on other locales. We are also planning the delivery and screening of the Ibakira TV.




*The event and film details may change.

6/18 Sun 13:30-15:20 iTSCOM
How will they fight the villains of this town?


Showgo Ookawa/25:00/Japan/Drama/2016

A rumour is spreading around this town and Mito Komon and his Samurai followers set about trying to discover the truth. Meanwhile, Sukesaburo encouters a melancholy girl and falls in love with her. Will they discover the truth? and will Sukesaburo succed in love?

Sayaka is thrilled to find work advertising the food of Ibaraki, however…

Foodie Lady Kōmon —Tomorrow shall taste better—

Hidemitsu Miyamoto/22:30/Japan/Drama/2017

Sayaka Konno is a struggling actress and is excited to be asked to help advertise the food of Ibaraki. It has been a while since she has found work and now...she is wearing clothes like Komon-sama and finding this job harder than she thought it might be…

6/18 Sun 13:30-15:20 iTSCOM

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