KIDS Program

A program suitable for children 6 years and under that features short films. Centering on non-dialogue works, this is a program that will draw both adults and children in. You are sure to be left with lots to talk about with your child after watching.

6/4 Sun 15:40-17:30 YOKOHAMA
6/15 Thu 13:30-15:20 YOKOHAMA
6/17 Sat 13:30-15:20 iTSCOM
6/18 Sun 11:20-13:10 iTSCOM
6/25 Sun 11:20-13:10 YOKOHAMA


Kohei Kajisa/5:10/Japan/Animation/2016

Upset by her parent’s fighting, sprightly little Sara makes dolls for her parent’s anniversary. She is holding out hope that they’ll make up when they see her gift, but she finds herself in a mysterious world. The adventure of Sara is about to begin!

DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver

Kjell Boersma/12:02/Canada/Animation/2017

DAM! The Story of Kit the Beaver is an animated film that’s not about your average beaver. It’s the tale of Kit, a very independent (and easily distracted) young beaver who loves to explore the sounds of the forest she lives in.

The Coup - A Small Cleptomanicx Adventure

Fabian Driehorst & Frédéric Schuld/1:40/Germany/Comedy/2015

Captain Clepto smuggles his friends on the flight to Lodato Beach, by hiding them in cases after being in his custom made shrinking machine.

Indice 50

Joseph Guené, Alexandre Belmudes, Damien Clef, Sylvain Amblard, Mégane Fumel & Mathieu Peters-Houg/5:42/France/Animation/2016

A family arrives on a crowded beach to spend their holidays, however a mosquito will transform their wonderful day into hell...

My Happy End

Milen Vitanov/5:09/Germany/Animation/2007

All dogs chase their tails. A dog once succeeds in catching his own tail. That changes his life as he finds his best friend in it.

The one who tamed clouds

Julie Rembauville & Nicolas Bianco-Levrin/4:29/France/Animation/2015

At the top of a canyon the old Indian Flying Shadow teaches the young Nayati the ancient art of smoke signals. This is the meeting of two opposing characters. The boy's hyperactivity upsets the calm nature of the old shaman, soon causing disaster.

Golden Oldies

Daan Velsink & Joost Lieuwma/2:50/Netherlands/Comedy/2016

In a typical fifties diner a gangly teenager tries to rock'n'roll with the prettiest girl on the dancefloor, but is opposed by an importunate cool dude and a stammering jukebox.

Spider Web

Natalia Chernysheva/4:05/Russia/Animation/2016

A relationship that transforms from hostility to friendship and mutual rescue.


Kelly McCarter/5:10/South Africa/Animation/2016

A wooden father struggles to support his beloved metal child who consumes wood to survive. Frustration builds as the father fails to stop the inevitable.


Alexis Agliata, Théo Bonora, Arnaud Bellour, Thibaud Gambier, Juliana Berckmans & Romain Lavoine/7:05/France/Animation/2016

An alien spaceship breaks down and crashes on earth in the countryside. Its pilot, an alien who hates dirt goes through this terra incognita looking for his fuel, constantly disturbed by an hyperactive little boy…

6/4 Sun 15:40-17:30 YOKOHAMA
6/15 Thu 13:30-15:20 YOKOHAMA
6/17 Sat 13:30-15:20 iTSCOM
6/18 Sun 11:20-13:10 iTSCOM
6/25 Sun 11:20-13:10 YOKOHAMA

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