cinema TEC! Program

A special program focusing on this year's theme "cinema TEC" - techniques and technologies of cinema.

6/3 Sat 20:00-21:50 SPACE O
6/11 Sun 15:40-17:30 YOKOHAMA
6/16 Fri 15:40-17:30 iTSCOM
6/20 Tue 15:40-17:30 YOKOHAMA

Martin Scorsese on Framing

Patrick Smith / Executive Producer: David Gerlach / 05:20 / USA / Animation / 2016

T.J. sat down with Martin Scorsese on August 3, 1990, a few weeks before Good Fellas was released. He was writing a profile of Scorsese for the Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine.

The Scret World of Foley

Daniel Jewel / 13:00 / UK / Documentary / 2014

The Secret World of Foley' takes us on a journey into the little known world of Foley Artists, who bring films to life by adding sound effects in post-production. We follow a multi-award winning two person team of Foley Artists and watch as they work together to bring to life a film about one morning in the life of a fishing village on the English coast. With their perfectly timed and precisely judged sound effects they transform the film as they interpret every sound detail, using props from their vast props store. This film shines a light on a little known film art form and is a testament to the magic and wonder of Cinema itself.


Robert Vall / 34:58 / Canada, UK / Animation / 2016

Drink and smoke...that's what Techno Stypes really liked to do, and fight. He was in no condition to fight. He was sick, really sick. His disease had whittled him down to a shadow of his former self. His father had given me two clear instructions: 1. Get Techno to stop drinking long enough to receive the liver transplant, and 2. Get him back home to Vancouver. This was not going to be easy.


Manon Ghys, Victoria Léger, Nathan Rémy & William Steiner / 05:26 / France / Drama / 2016

The story of Blink takes place in the 90s. The protagonist, Arthur, is a neurotic and shy young man. One day, he is faced with a problem: his case of cello is too big to go into the trunk of his car.


Aritz Moreno / 06:30 / Spain / Drama / 2013

Cholera: Path. Acute, infectious disease, often epidemic and very serious.

A stop motion puppet animation voiced by actor Takumi Saitoh.


Toshiko Hata / 10:41 / Japan / Animation / 2017

Romeros is an alien investigor who looks like an alpaca. When he lands on Earth, he finds his spaceship damaged and becomes disconnected with his planet. He arrives on a mountain where people wearing weird masks are waiting for him.

Forever Securing World Food Supply with Crop Trust

Daniel Sherer / 16:45 / USA / Documentary / 2017

Follow world-renowned scientist Cary Fowler into the heart of the arctic, where the Svalbard Global Seed Vault lies nestled in the frozen Norwegian landscape. Among the most important buildings in the world, the Seed Vault holds the key to human survival: more than 880,000 seed samples, the largest collection in the world.

6/3 Sat 20:00-21:50 SPACE O
6/11 Sun 15:40-17:30 YOKOHAMA
6/16 Fri 15:40-17:30 iTSCOM
6/20 Tue 15:40-17:30 YOKOHAMA

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