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Good Luck Marc

Ronen Eldar/13:28/UK/Comedy/2016

Good Luck Marc is a fantastical story about a man who won an apartment. After some time living there, he finds himself slowly rejected by the space as it shrinks. Stubbornly, he stays, but as the wall close in on him he is faced with the uncertainty of the outside.

Forever Now

Kristian Håskjold/18:24/Denmark/Drama/2017

After several years together William and Cecilie break up. To treat the sorrow, they decide to do the drug, MDMA, together. This results in an emotional rollercoaster ride for better or worse over a whole weekend, where they’re isolated together in their apartment.

Across My Land

Fiona Godivier/15:25/USA, France/Drama/2017

Arizona 2016, the portrayal of an American family at the Mexican border. One evening, as the mother is watching TV with her daughter, the father and his son get their rifle prepared for a patrol tour along the border wall. In their path, they will encounter other ‘minute-men’ but also illegal immigrants.

Emily must wait

Christian Wittmoser/11:57/Germany/Experimental/2016

When Europe turns to chaos, Emily must hold out in her apartment in hope of reuniting with her loved one. The promise to wait becomes increasingly difficult to keep, as desperation grows and hope dwindles...


Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre/12:13/Canada/Documentary/2016

Mixing animated sequences and archival footage, “Oscar” paints a heartfelt portrait of the famous Montreal pianist. Looking back on his beginnings as a young local prodigy to his triumphs on the international scene, Oscar Peterson mediates on the impacts of his exceptional career on his family life.

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