Music Program 2

6/4 Sun 13:30-15:20 YOKOHAMA
6/15 Thu 20:00-21:50 iTSCOM
6/23 Fri 17:50-19:40 YOKOHAMA
Starring Emma Stome ("La La Land")
Special Screening


Brantley Gutierrez/4:05/USA/Music Video/2015

This epic video features Emma Stone dancing through the iconic Queen Mary in Long Beach California, choreographed by MTV Vide Music Award (VMA) Nominated Choreographer Ryan Heffington. “Anna” is by Will Butler from Arcade Fire.


Yuko Hakota/4:01/Japan/Music Video/2017

Kenta has returned home after a long absence. He takes his mother's car to go. Once inside, he sees things that bring back old memories. One of those things was a CD by "GReeeeN which contains the song "Haruka". From the moment of he pushed play, the song takes him back 10 years to when he was always listening to this song. A son who is living faraway from home and his mother who always "watches" over him, this story is about their relationship.

Melo-M "Streams of Consciousness"

Ivo Skanstiņš/4:54/Latvia/Music Video/2016

When after a man is released from a prison, he is confronted by a senior couple who can't let go of a decades old grudge.

Invisible light

Ryouta Takahashi/10:00/Japan/Music Short/2017

Hiroki who works in a cleaning company meets Miki as she is humming a melody that sounds like Chopin. They start living together but when their relationship starts breaking down, he continues to search for that special inner light.

Kool A.D. - Hickory

Muriel Holguin/4:12/Peru/Music Video/2015

Official music video for the track "Hickory", from Kool A.D.'s album Not O.K. Featuring: Talib Kweli and Boots Riley, Produced by Amaze 88.

The Island

Darrell Lee Hall/4:09/UK, France/Music Video/2016

In a world where mankind finds itself immersed in artificial paradises via virtual reality, a young woman tries to make sense of the present in order to find her lost love.

The day when the cicadas crowed

Yusuke Sakakibara/7:10/Japan/Music Short/2017

One day, Sadao goes fishing with his childhood friend, Sana. She accidently drops her engagement ring into the river. When Sadao trys to find her ring she tells him that the ring was given to her by Kawasumi who was asking her to marry him. Will Sadao find the ring for Sana...?

Spear and Shield

Keita Kawahara/5:05/Japan/Music Video/2016

A story about people who are enjoying Karaoke in Karaoke box, snack, banquet hall. People are watching this story or being watched.

The Evil

Carlon Hardt/2:11/Brazil/Music Video/2016

"So who never thought about the Evil / saw herself in criminal nature" - the video portrays, through an analog cutout and collage stopmotion, the surreal in the loss of innocence and the seduction by the forbidden.

The Love We Owe

Erick Loi & Paolo Maccarini/5:25/Italy/Music Video/2016

“Is it love, the love we owe?” - says the refrain of Sam and The Black Seas’ song. A relationship between a girl and a dummy, beginning in the childhood and evolving into the adult age, depicts a meaningful context to this fundamental question.


Shigeru Nagasaka/3:19/Japan/Music Short/2017

A figure finds itself lost in an upside down pixel world that resembles Tokyo and goes on a journey of adventure and wonder in this strange world.


Shogo Kusano/29:37/Japan/Music Video/2017

THE BAWDIES are going on tour, but there are no hotels available. They decide to stay in a live music club instead. The woman running the place has taken over after her husband passed away but business is not going very well. The members decide to help her get the club back on its feet again.

6/4 Sun 13:30-15:20 YOKOHAMA
6/15 Thu 20:00-21:50 iTSCOM
6/23 Fri 17:50-19:40 YOKOHAMA

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