International 6

6/7 Wed 15:40-17:30 LAFORET
6/9 Fri 13:30-15:20 YOKOHAMA
6/17 Sat 17:50-19:40 YOKOHAMA
Starring Alicia Vikander"(The Light Between Oceans," "Ex Machina")
Special Screening

Game of Dog

Khajag Soudjian/08:58/France/Drama/2011

"Game of dog" is a film about a dinner. Around the table, three young women are engaged in a cold war. Lisa, the lover, awaits her man wisely. Alicia, the revolted, accuses her of a lack of independence. And Charlotte, in the middle, witnesses this duel of contained anger and underlying tensions.


Ian Hunt Duffy/19:45/Ireland/Suspense/2015

Gridlock is a thriller set during a traffic jam on a country road. When a little girl goes missing from one of the cars, her father forms a desperate search party to find her, and soon everyone is a suspect.

Spring Jam

Ned Wenlock/05:35/New Zealand/Comedy/2016

A young stag, lacking impressive antlers, knows he needs to improvise sweet music if he’s to have any chance during the mating season.

It's Just a Gun

Brian Robau/13:24/USA/Drama/2016

“It’s Just A Gun” charts the life of one such Smith & Wesson Model 640 from the assembly line, into the hands of a protective husband, then a pawn shop owner, then a desperate transient drug addict and, finally, Gabe, a scrawny nine-year-old boy from South Central.


Radheya Jegatheva/07:40/Australia/Sci-fi/2016

Alone in space, an astronaut drifts through the empty void. After finding another astronaut in the same predicament, she gives him a Polaroid image of the Earth. They then team up to go on an epic journey across the universe to return to their planet. Will these star-crossed lovers find home?

Till one cries

Benjamin Leichtenstern/16:00/Germany/Drama/2016

Hanna has lost all her confidence in a serious relationship. She is living an unstable life, avoiding any sort of proximity. When she meets Tim, things radically change for her. The two characters are pushing each other's limits in a dramatic way.

6/7 Wed 15:40-17:30 LAFORET
6/9 Fri 13:30-15:20 YOKOHAMA
6/17 Sat 17:50-19:40 YOKOHAMA

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