As a first for film festivals in Japan, we would like to proudly announce the launch of VR SHORTS, a program completely dedicated to VR!

VR 360° Program

In this program, audiences can enjoy 360° VR entertainment. We will screen the best short films selected from around the world in 6 different programs. Program 6 is particularly dedicated to branded VR films, including a special screening from the Cinematic VR brand “VR Story Seek”.

We will screen VR branded films including special cinematic VR films made by branded label "VR Story Seek®".

※The VR branded films program will only be screened at Hills Café.


Mirage SoloThis programs will be screened using "Mirage Solo" provided by Lenovo Japan Ltd.

VR Interactive

As the first film festival in Japan, we would like to proudly announce the launch of VR SHORTS, a program completely dedicated to VR! Our special venue will provide multiple VR devices to screen rich films from around the world.

This program features VR films with high interactivity. The audience can choose a film and enjoy different aspects of it by physically moving their body.

*There will be no subtitles for the VR Interactive Program.

Oculus RiftWith the support of Oculus, the festival is able to operate with "Oculus Rift" screening devices.

Hills Café/Space

2018/6/8 - 6/10 Access

Admission is free.
Only same day ticket is available. (No advance ticket available)

How to experience the VR 360° program
  1. Reservations open 30 minutes before the start of each program. You can get a numbered ticket outside the venue.
    *Two programs will be playing at the same time. Please choose which one you would like to see when making a reservation.
    *Reservations will no longer be accepted once all numbered tickets are given out.
  2. You will be led into the venue 10 minutes before the start of the program. Please wait in line outside until then.
    *If you have not been seated five minutes before the start of the program, your ticket will be invalid.
  3. After being seated, a staff member will explain the program. Then, a program of roughly 40 minutes long will start.


How to experience the INTERACTIVE program
  1. Take a numbered ticket from the reception outside the venue.
    [Numbered ticket distribution hours]
    6/8 (Fri.) 12 PM - 7 PM (planned)
    6/9 (Sat.) 10:30 AM - 7 PM (planned)
    6/10 (Sun.) 10:30 AM - 4 PM (planned)
  2. You will be led into the venue according to the number on your ticket. Numbers being serviced at that moment will be displayed on a whiteboard outside of the venue. Please enter once your number is displayed.
  3. After being led into the venue, please sit down and wait. Numbers will be called in order, and when a staff member calls your number, you will be led to your booth.
    *If you are not present when your number is called, your number will be skipped. In such cases, we ask that you tell a staff member. You will then be led to a booth.
  4. After the staff member’s instructions, the program will begin.

2018/6/17 - 6/24  11:00-21:00 Access

・The programs will be available during the business time of
  LEXUS MEETS... (11:00 - 21:00)
・Same day tickets are first come-first served basis.
・Admission is free.

How to experience the VR360°/INTERACTIVE programs
  1. Tell a staff member at the venue which program you would like to experience.
  2. You will be led to your respective program booth.
    *If the venue is full, please give the staff member your numbered ticket, then wait inside or in the general area.
  3. After the staff member’s instructions, the program will begin.


Information related to all venues

■You cannot participate in these programs if any of the following apply to you:
・You are under 13 years of age
・You are pregnant
・You are intoxicated
・You have a weak heart or you are frail
・You have a pacemaker
・You have another condition or illness that could get worse (i.e. dizziness, claustrophobia, respiratory illnesses, noise sensitivity, nyctophobia/fear of the dark, seizures, high blood pressure, neck/back/hip/spinal problems, etc.)
・Keep in mind that anyone who is in one of the above categories, as well as those who do not follow staff instructions or are deemed to be causing problems for other guests, will be denied entry or can be removed during a program.

・Guests interested in “VR Interactive” are asked to arrive in clothes and shoes that are easy to move around in; high heels and sandals could cause a problem.
・While glasses can be worn at the same time as VR goggles, depending on the shape and size of the glasses you may not be able to wear them. We assume no responsibility if your glasses break. *We recommend that you use contact lenses if you have any.
・Guests wearing bifocal glasses or contact lenses may have problems.

■If you become ill
・While viewing VR images, you may experience eye fatigue, dizziness, nausea, motion sickness, etc. If this happens to you, we ask that you immediately cease viewing VR and rest until you feel better. If you feel ill after you finish, we ask that you rest until you feel better. We have a rest area inside the venue.
・Until you have fully recovered post-viewing, we ask that you refrain from driving, operating machinery, or undergoing any activity that involves your eyes or body, as well as anything that requires balance.
・We ask for those who view multiple VR programs to take moderate breaks between usage.