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[Interview] What is Kaohsiung film festival?

In SSFF & ASIA 2017, we have Kaohsiung film festival Program.


What is Kaohsiung Film Festival? Object, history and unique programs etc.
Kaohsiung Film Festival (KFF) inaugurated in 2001, KFF is the biggest international film festival in southern Taiwan organized and hosted annually by Kaohsiung Film Archive. KFF was launched as a city film festival and is well-known by its selection of fantastic films. Since 2011, KFF has devoted to increase international appeal through films, therefore KFF hosted the KFF International Short Film Competition. The current curation of KFF mainly focuses on feature films out of competition, short films out of competition and international short film competition.

What is the highlight of your program to be screened at SSFF & ASIA. Which film in the program you would like to recommend most?

This programme presents different aspects of Taiwanese family relationships nowadays. These young directors contain their observation of how Taiwan’s social structure made a huge impact on family members’ relationships in their films. Although the storyline of “Arnie” isn’t based on a specific family relationship, the film focuses on immigrants’ community and their suffering life in Taiwan’s society. “Arnie” reminds Taiwanese people that our society consists of different ethnic groups and cultural exchanges. It is very important for us to learn how to respect others and to understand the real meaning of the word “difference”.

Arnie , Rina B. Tsou/23:52/Taiwan/Drama/2016


Q3.Please give us the message to Japanese audience.

Hope Japanese audience can enjoy the films and the films can provide them an image of Taiwan’s society as well.


(by Shih Wei-chu, Kaohsiung Film Archive)