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SSFF & ASIA Online Special Selection

About 50 titles including Japan Premier Shorts will be available for streaming online to be enjoyed by all across Japan.

Online Screening from May 29th to June 16th.


Florence Lafond/11:30/Canada/Drama/2017

That morning, as she gets ready for her dance audition, Alex is outrage when her mother forces her once again to babysit her disabled sister.

Il Mondiale in piazza

Vito Palmieri/15:00/Italy/Drama/2018

A group of friends decide to have their own “World Cup” on the main square of their town in the South of Italy. However, an Italian national team made by immigrants insists to be the Italian team as well. Two Italian national teams compete then in one “World Cup”. Who will be the winner?


Angelica Germanà Bozza/14:17/Germany/Drama/2018

Ahmet, a young widowed father and his 9-year old daughter, Rozerîn, left Turkey and started a new life in Germany. Yet, their life is marked by the absence of Rozerîn's mother. On the anniversary of her death, Ahmet and Rozerîn commemorate her by performing her favourite tradition in their own special and caring way.

Pick Me Up

Layal Akiki/14:44/Lebanon/Drama/2018

Sally, in her early twenties and part of the Production team in a shoot, has to take on her friend's tasks, with an important competition and a deadline looming over her head, and the only one helping her is Ghazi, the pick-up truck driver.


More Raça/12:27/Kosovo, France/Drama/2018

To escape an early marriage arranged by her father, Zana has to make a courageous decision.

Hello, Again

Tom Ruddock/11:34/UK/Drama/2014

Hello, Again is a drama about Owen. After a sleepless night from his Mothers funeral the day before, he decides to avoid his father and visit her grave. Through a misunderstanding he meets Maura, an interesting girl who’s visiting her recently deceased Father’s grave. Together they try to find a way to connect with the loved ones they’ve lost.

My Father's Sword

Yoonchul Chung/15:00/South Korea/Drama/2017

Tae-shik is a weak and shy middle school student. He is bullied at school by his friends. One day, Tae-shik’s father suddenly collapsed and was hospitalized, and unidentified people came to see me. A man tells Tae-sik that his father was a great man in the game. They were colleagues who played a role-playing game with their father. Tae-shik looks for the powerful sword his father used in the game.


Ritesh Batra/8:15/India/Drama/2014

MASTERCHEF is the story of Akhil, an 11 year old boot polish boy who pliea the street corners, walkways and railway platforms on Mumbai, polishing shoes for a living. One day at a new working spot he befriends two other boot polish boys who tell him about a regular client - a celebrity - TV’s favorite Masterchef. And Akhil goes on an internal journey to through his past, his aspirations, and his self doubt. Until he finally finds a place within himself where he can keep his dreams alive.


Celine Held & Logan George/11:54/USA/Drama/2018

When plans fall through, a six-year-old is faced with a big responsibility on a hot Texas day.

Sailor's Delight

Louise Aubertin, Eloise Girard, Marine Meneyrol, Jonas Ritter, Loucas Rongeart & Amandine Thomoux/5:54/France/Animation/2017

A mermaid, Circé, is looking at her mirror, enlightened by electric globefish. A sailor's song resonates all of a sudden. Circé reveals a predatory smile and goes on the hunt. At the surface, Alan et Jacob, two sailors, fuss on their boat.


Lucia Bulgheroni/8:35/UK/Animation/2018

Katrine leads a normal life, with a normal job and a normal relationship. But one day she finds the world around her has changed or rather it is the same but her eyes capture it differently. Her reality starts to crumble.


Shawn Christensen/19:00/USA/Drama/2012

In the midst of attempting suicide, Richie gets a call from his estranged sister asking him to look after his niece. Richie cancels his plans, and spends the evening with her. But she has preconceived notions of who Richie is and he must overcome these.

Lock & Key

Eamonn Hearns/4:20/Ireland/Thriller/2018

On a Christmas evening, Barry draws a blank when he bumps into an old schoolmate in his apartment building. As the meeting continues, Barry suspects the meeting may not be by chance.

Tight Spot

Kevin Haefelin/4:05/Switzerland, USA/Comedy/2018

Shining the shoes of a walk-in customer, a shiner discovers his client’s dark secret.

The Spadina House

Taso Alexander/2:09/Canada/Comedy/2018

A mysterious family with super powers inhabits the historic Spadina House. But it isn't until we meet the patriarch of the family that the darkest secret of all is finally revealed…

Rembrandt's etching

Thomas Grascoeur/2:20/France/Drama/2018

After losing his eyesight, a collector decides to give his daughter visiting the family home his most precious possession.

First Like

Alexander Rönnberg/3:36/Sweden/Horror/2016

First to Like - First to Die. A short horror with a humorous touch.


Yusaku Okamoto/15:00/Japan/Drama/2016

A story about high school girl who has a complex about the size of her breasts.


Yasuhiko Shimizu/12:14/Japan/Comedy/2018

Based off of "A teacher who has become a squid", a short story by the Japanese comedian Nagano. Workers at a mountain lodge suffer from an unfamiliar nausea. What is the true purpose of the guy who came all the way from the city?

ZERO-A hostess bar where they serve nothing but Yakisoba

Yasuhiko Shimizu/6:57/Japan/Comedy/2018

Based off of "A hostess bar where they serve nothing but Yakisoba", a short story by the Japanese comedian Nagano. Familiar faces gather and go to the usual bar to hang out. However, tonight, something is different. They are serving nothing but… Yakisoba.


Yasuhiko Shimizu/7:07/Japan/Comedy/2018

People visit Miyamoto, a solitary young man living in the corner of the town. Who is he? An undeniable sadness lurks inside of him. As he plays the saxophone, it resonates and touches people's hearts.

Online Screening from May 29th to June 16th.
Content, perspective and expression in each film are strictly of the filmmakers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and its related parties.