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Cinematic Tokyo Program

TOKYO Met.Gov.

Founded in 2017, the "Cinematic Tokyo” program showcases short films introducing the various charms of Tokyo.

iTSCOM / 6/1 sat 20:00 - 21:50
Space O / 6/6 thu 15:40 - 17:30

Coin Lunch

David Allen/17:50/Japan/Drama/2018

Jeff is a salaryman trying to fit into the hierarchy of the Japanese workplace. But when his wife cuts his daily budget, Jeff's life begins a downward spiral, leaving him to choose what he needs more: his job or his family.

Where is TOKYO?

Takeshi Tanaka/14:59/Japan, USA/Drama/2019

Early in the morning of Christmas Eve 2018, we interviewed Matt, a traveler from LA in Haneda Airport. He came to Japan to look for his girlfriend, who set the meeting spot at "Tokyo".

Tokyo FM

Ben Wang/ 2:23/China/Drama/2018

The big city, Tokyo. People living here have their own stories. A guy from Beijing and a girl from Kyoto come across with each other and see the scenery of Tokyo.


Kai Hasson/19:00/Japan/Sci Fi/2018

Robu, a 17-year-old American boy is on the four-day quest in Japan to find the second issue of his favorite Japanese comic book that his father left him. Shortly into his adventure, Robu realizes that the manga world was happening in real life, and that the main character was himself.

Lost in Tokyo

Florian Reichelt & Lena Langendörfer/3:19/Japan/Experimental/2018

Lost in Tokyo tries to present the biggest city of the world in a melanchonic but yet positive way. The film reflects the experiences made by the two directors while exploring the city for the first time while at the same time wants to encourage other travelers to come here as well.

Crystal Frog

Slony Sow/16:40/France, Japan/Drama/2018

Benjamin visits Tokyo to see Miko. At her place, he finds a photo that’s caught his attention. It was taken at the winery 40 years ago. There are Benjamin, his deceased wife, and Miko’s parents in it. Miko starts to tell a story behind it.

Tokyo Cine-magic: Special Screening
Special Screening

Jose’s Tour de Tokyo

Kimie Tanaka/15:09/Japan/Comedy/2019

“Jose’s Tour de Tokyo” is a story of a young Mexican man, Jose, and his first visit to Tokyo as he works for a social media influencer, Alex. Running around town in an attempt to fulfill his demands, Jose discovers the charms of the city.

iTSCOM / 6/1 sat 20:00 - 21:50
Space O / 6/6 thu 15:40 - 17:30
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