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U-25 Project supported by Nihon Safety

To encourage all amateur filmmakers, we have gathered films under 5 mins produced by creators under 25 years old. With the support of Nihon Safety, a company that encourages ambition among the youth, we introduce an online screening program which delivers fresh works with variety of talents all at once.

Online Screening from May 29th to June 16th.


Takuto Okui/4:59/Japan/Drama/2018

Discrimination is still a big problem in today’s society. What if people made up and supported each other, would that lead to world peace? One of the reasons we have not been able to work on that matter is the media, due to our self-interest and selfish desires. This film represents how society works by twisting a Japanese traditional children’s story.

Cooking Music Video

Kaito Ogawara/1:15/Japan/Music Video/2018

Nowadays, cooking videos are in demand, but they mostly just explain how to cook based on recipes. This cooking video has a new approach and is here for you to enjoy until the last bite.

Coming Out

Tatsuki Imaji/3:32/Japan/Drama/2019

In 2018, Dentsu Diversity Lab did a survey on LGBT and reported that 8.9%, or 1 in 11 people, identify as LGBT. This film is based on a true story of the main actor himself.

The Flap of the Butterfly's Wings

Masaki Nishiyama/5:00/Japan/Sci Fi/2018

The universe was created out of absolute emptiness, where something that’s smaller than an elementary particle eventually created a whole. Inspired by the theory of probability, this film is a sci-fi story of the imaginary fate of the universe.

Floral Friends: Jorro and the Floral Phone

Marie Shioda/4:46/Japan/Animation/2018

White Watering Can and Black Watering Can are friends. One day, White Watering Can decides to move to a different town. In order to keep in touch, the two promise to communicate through a magical phone made from flower threads, and stay friends forever.

The Deluge

Sayaka Hara/2:04/UK/Animation/2018

God is upset about humanity and decides to take a bath. Noah, his family, and his animals are on the ark, trying to survive the furious ocean. Inspired by “Noye7s Fludde”, a one-act opera by Benjamin Britten.


Shuji Ikeda/5:00/Japan/Comedy/2019

A boy who has a stomachache, searching for a bathroom, knocks on an old lady's door, who happens to be an extremely odd character.

Lost thing is here

Iyo Sato/4:13/Japan/Animation/2018

A dog wants to play with his owner who is always on his smartphone. He somehow needs to get his attention so he decides to take action. A heartwarming story that reminds us what is truly precious.


Hiroho Mieno/2:54/Japan/Horror/2018

Deep in the night, a woman comes back to her apartment. In the dark room, on her bed, she sees somebody who’s not supposed to be there.


Daiki Nakagawa/4:27/Japan/Documentary/2018

In the present world, it's not just about producing and gaining profit. From a manufacturer to a chef to good health, they pass on their job from one to another, forming the perfect cycle, balancing this world, producing the best of “creation”.


Sawako Nakagawa/3:30/Japan/Animation/2019

A mushroom starts to hate his underwhelming, ordinary life and the fact that he doesn’t have his cap. One day, other mushrooms see his head without his fake cap. An old mushroom comes up to him and gives him a rotten but pretty gift.


Kazuki Yuhara/5:00/Japan/Fantasy/2019

A daughter and a mother are connected by their umbilical cord. The daughter absorbs and takes over the life of her mother. They are now together as one; the daughter is the mother.

like I used to

Hazuki Ishikawa/4:44/Japan/Animation/2018

A child is innocent, fully expressing emotions. A woman cannot help but to have hateful feelings towards a girl and puts an end to the girl’s life.

lovers and coffee

Ayuka Shirao/5:00/Japan/Comedy/2018

Coffee became illegal 20 years ago. A couple collects coffee powder little by little every day. One day, they have a visitor, the police.

Online Screening from May 29th to June 16th.
Content, perspective and expression in each film are strictly of the filmmakers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and its related parties.